The Weekender: May 24 - 26

Memorial Day Weekend! We’re looking forward to a long weekend of relaxing with friends and family, and most importantly, reflecting on the true meaning of the day by honoring those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. Thank you to those who have and continue to serve our country. We’re so grateful.

Glens Falls NY

Here’s what’s doing this weekend:

Glens Falls NY Things to Do

Have a great weekend!
Bri + Tom

Hometown Talent: Charles Cornell Goes Viral


Today we’re catching up with our pal Charles Cornell! If his name rings a bell, it’s because you and approximately 20 million others have seen one of his videos on social media over the last couple of weeks!

Originally from our area and now living in Denver, Charles is a talented videographer whom we shot this video in Washington County. Shortly thereafter, Charles invited us to check out his band at The Strand Theater in Hudson Falls. Long story short, after he and his band blew the doors off the place we knew there was something special going on.

Like the great explorers who came before us, Charles and the gang packed up and headed west to Denver, Colorado looking to expand horizons and share their talents with more of the world. Apparently, there’s something in the water in Denver. Somewhere between here and there, Charles sat down in his new apartment, plugged in his video camera, flipped on his mic, fired up his keyboard, and proceeded to put a dent in the universe with some of the most uniquely entertaining, hilarious, and talent-filled content the interweb has ever seen. And it seems like he’s just getting started.

To sum it up, spanning almost every social media plattform, Charles has officially gone viral. In about two weeks (!!) and as of the writing of this story, he’s somewhere around 207k followers on TikTok, 108k followers on Instagram, 10k on Facebook, 10k on Twitter, and somewhere around 8k subscribers on his YouTube channel. So by my math, that’s around 340k followers / subscribers. Yea, that’s fun, but it’s the approximately 20 million views of his videos that is the mind boggling part.

We were fortunate to catch Charles in between writing, singing, playing and recording his next piece to get some questions and curiosities answered. Let’s get right to it….

Photo courtesy of Charles Cornell

Photo courtesy of Charles Cornell


First, tell us about your ties to the area… where are you from originally?

I was born and raised in Hartford, NY, just east of Glens Falls in Washington County. I went to Hartford Central School from pre-school through graduation. My family has been in the greater Glens Falls area for generations!

It’s clear you’ve been doing this a while… Tell us about your musical origins! Why the piano? How’d that happen? 

I don’t remember this, but my Mom always talked about how when I was 3 or 4 years old, she heard me playing the Doxology from church by ear on an old piano outside on our porch. I don’t know if that’s a proud Mom beefing up the real story or if it actually happened that way. Either way, it sounds cool, so we’ll go with it. I didn’t start studying the piano formally until I was about 8 years old. I had the best first teacher any kid could possibly want - Grandma. My grandmother, Carol Cornell, is still the organist at the First Baptist Church in Hartford and has long been involved in many things throughout the Glens Falls area, including being a lifetime member of the Glens Falls Community Theater! I studied with her for a while before transitioning between a few different teachers throughout my elementary school years. Eventually, thanks once again to my grandmother, who made the initial contact, I was fortunate enough to study with Albany area jazz piano legend Lee Shaw. My relationship with Lee would continue for 5 years between 8th grade and when I left for college. She was absolutely key in my development as a musician and I owe her a tremendous amount of gratitude for the guidance she gave me before her passing in late 2015.

Do you play any other instruments? One you wish you could play? 

I’m fairly proficient at the drums, trumpet, alto saxophone and baritone, though I’d probably hesitate to try playing any of them professionally! I play an extremely limited amount of guitar, and that’s something I’d like to be better at. 

Favorite music genre? How long have you been writing your own music? Singing? Performing? 

Younger me would have unequivocally said jazz. I still favor music based in and around jazz, but I’ve learned over time that I have a wide variety of interests and I’m influenced by everything from classical and jazz to progressive metal and hip hop. I love good music. Regardless of complexity and regardless of genre. Music is meant to make us feel something and to move us. I don’t care what genre it is, good music will do that. I’ve been writing music since I was 12 years old. Singing since probably 8. I played my first “paid gig” at the old Country Meadows golf course restaurant when I was 11 years old. The restaurant is still there! Jeremy Treadway runs it as part of his ADK MX motocross facility. Haven’t played there since, though.

What gave you the inspiration to meld your musical and videography talents into the content that has resonated with so many?

I wish it was more of a light switch moment, but it really all happened when I pulled up an article curating some of the most hilarious Trump tweets. I was sitting in my car in a parking lot and I just started thinking about what the tweets would sound like if they were song lyrics. I started singing one in my head and I couldn’t stop laughing at how dumb it was. I just thought it would be fun to try! So I went home and made a few and found myself still laughing, so I posted them. Eventually, I found a video that I thought was pretty funny and I had remembered seeing videos from years ago where people would transcribe the notes of speech and play along to them. Those videos were always utterly hysterical, so I decided to give it a shot myself! Eventually, I made the Cardi B video when my girlfriend showed me some of her Instagram rants, which are pure gold. That one caught on and the rest is history!

What’s your best guess as to why your content has gone insanely viral? 

There’s something about hearing speech turned into music that’s just funny. Possibly because nobody ever meant for it to be turned into song. So when you do it, the music tends to jump around a lot in order to keep up. If, on top of that, it’s well executed and musically interesting, something about the wow factor plus the ridiculousness of it all just makes us laugh. In regards to the tweet songs, I just think it’s hilarious to put funny or hilariously-worded content into a seriously written tune. Even when I’m highlighting somebody like Donald Trump, I like to think that anybody can laugh at the tunes, no matter what side of the aisle you consider yourself on. Whether you love him or hate him for it, I think we can all agree that many of the tweets he has published over the years are just plain funny. I certainly aim to use music and comedy to bring people together rather than start arguments and further divide people. Thankfully, the feedback on those videos has been incredible and I’ve had people from all walks of life and all different viewpoints say how much fun they are.  

It’s a bit tricky to put into words how to describe your content - so I’ll leave it to you! Tell us about how you would best describe your content… 

I think my Instagram bio is pretty conclusive. I make questionably performed songs out of tweets and videos. In short, it’s all complete nonsense and a ton of fun. 

What would you like folks to know most about your work? 

I want to make people laugh while also giving them music at a level they might be inspired by. There’s so much negativity in the press and in the world. I just want to give people something during their day that gives them a break from all of that. The world needs more positivity and fun. These videos are meant to be complete nonsense while at the same time, hopefully musically impressive. If that combination gives people a boost in positivity throughout their day, then I see that as a win.

If you could hang with any current musician, entertainer, band who would it be? Why? What would you want to play and what would you ask them? 

That’s a great question and one that I don’t think I could answer definitively. There are so many musicians in jazz who are far better at playing their instrument than I am. I could learn a ton from anyone on that list. I would love to hang with Jacob Collier. Playing some two piano duet stuff would be crazy fun with him. I’d probably ask him a bunch of super technical questions about polyrhythmic grooves and atonal harmony.  

Same question - you’re a time traveller - which one from yesteryear? 

I’d want to hear about the times that laid the groundwork for jazz and the music that would evolve from it. From Miles to Coltrane to Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers. I would want to learn about what it was like to play this music when it was at its peak of popularity and when bands were actually bands and traveled the country playing 6 nights a week 50 weeks out of the year. So many incredible legacies were born in that era and I’d simply want to know what that was like. 

We know you’re good… but you’ve also got an amazing band… What’s next for the band? 

I would be nothing and nowhere without the guys I’ve spent the most time playing with. Matt Niedbalski and Steve Kirsty have been my drummer and bass player respectively for about 10 years now. They’re my brothers in music and two of my best friends in the entire world. When you play with the same people for so long, you develop a musical relationship on the bandstand that functions almost like telepathy. We just know each others’ tendencies and can predict what we’re going to do as a unit. For the upcoming album, we had Nate Giroux join us on tenor saxophone. Nate is incredible and fits right into the group like he’s been there the whole time. We’re all great friends and we all have a tremendous amount of respect for each other as musicians. That goes a long way when you’re trying to make the best music possible. In terms of what’s next, I honestly have no idea. This new audience I’ve stumbled across is so new to me and I’ve never experienced anything like it before. I hope that it will bring us opportunities to play as a group in exciting places all over the world and that we’ll continue to develop our language together on the bandstand. 

What’s next for you? 

Again, I honestly have no idea. This is totally uncharted territory for me and I’m just grateful to have so many people interested in what I’m doing. I can’t thank my audience enough for the attention they’ve given me and for the enjoyment they’ve gotten from my content. I hope I can continue to make people laugh and give them something positive each day. 

And we have to ask, when you come home to visit, what’s a perfect Glens Falls area day? 

If it’s summer and my parents don’t need any help doing hay on the farm, I’ll be mountain biking at Gurney Lane, hitting Dirty John’s for some hot dogs or Mikado for some sushi, and then completing an extremely questionable diet day with a milkshake from Rob and Deb’s. In the winter, you’ll find me on skis. Anywhere in the area. I love night skiing at West, or spending a day at Gore or Killington. Even though I live in Colorado now and I absolutely love it, Glens Falls and the surrounding area is and always will be home.

Glens Falls NY - Glens Falls Living

Thanks, Charles! We can’t wait to see what’s next for you!

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My Glens Falls: Sidney Scacchetti & Steven Brodt

This week, we’re excited to get to know Sidney Scacchetti and Steven Brodt! We discovered their Instagram account recently, and it was great to finally meet the couple behind the photos. Scroll on to see their sweet pup Luna, read about their perfect summer Saturday, and hear about their (multiple) businesses!

Glens Falls NY - Glens Falls Living

Tell us about yourselves!

Our names are Sidney Scacchetti and Steven Brodt, we created and run the Instagram page, an account dedicated to showcasing historic homes, buildings and architecture in the area. Aside from that, we also own and operate a non-profit paranormal investigation organization, The South Glens Falls Paranormal Society. In addition, we also recently just launched our new marketing business, Be Social Marketing. When we have a free moment to ourselves, you'll find us sitting on the porch of our 109 year old home lounging with our rescue pup, Luna (@pit_luna_bull).

On Life in Glens Falls

We both grew up just over the bridge in South Glens Falls. After moving away, we didn't think we would permanently return to the area, but that wasn’t the case. We soon found ourselves back in NY State, but this time a little further south. We rented in the historic district of Schenectady while finishing school. Upon graduation, we bought our first home right in Glens Falls! Our house was built in 1910, complete with all original wood work and old charm. We were/are excited to restore our home to its original beauty all while making it ours! We enjoy living within walking distance to downtown, making it easy to frequent all of the near by restaurants. 

Some Glens Falls Favorites

We enjoy all of the festivals and activities that Glens Falls has to offer - there is always something going on. In the warmer months we like to take Luna to Rob & Debs Frozen Dreams for a doggie dish, peruse the booths at LARAC and stop into Juicin' Jar (who are dog friendly) for a delicious gluten free snack. Being located just 15 minutes south of Lake George allows us to take a short drive for a hike or a stroll along the shores. 

Glens Falls has plenty to do in the long cold winter months as well. We enjoy stopping into Spektor Coffee for breakfast and a couple caramel bulletproof lattes! Our favorite winter activity has to be supporting the local ECHL team, the Adirondack Thunder. The Thunder games are always a great way to spend a night with friends. Having the Cool Insuring Arena right on the edge of downtown brings big crowds and helps support many of the local businesses with pre and post game drinks and food.

A Perfect Glens Falls Day

A perfect day in GF would be hitting up the Farmers’ Market on a Saturday morning, followed by a reality class in downtown with our PAWS family (North Country Paws for Obedience). For lunch, sitting outside (so Luna can join) at our favorite restaurant, Gourmet Café, where they have an extensive gluten free menu, and the staff knows our order before we even sit down. Next, a trip to Spot Coffee for their amazing lavender lemonade! We also like to head over to Crandall Park for a round of tug and a game of frisbee with Luna. Sometimes, while I’m busy taking pictures of old homes, Sidney sneaks away for some shopping and pampering at Beauty Bubble. For dinner we would head over to Siam Thai and grab some fresh sushi and a drink! Being able to walk to all of our favorite spots gives me plenty of chances to take pictures of all the historic homes in Glens Falls.


The city of Glens Falls has lost a number of historic buildings over the years due to large fires and modernization. However, we are glad to see that the mind set of the area has changed from tearing down and rebuilding to restoring and revitalizing these historic structures. The homes surrounding the downtown area are historic which lends itself to the Glens Falls of the past. Being able to live in a home that has seen Glens Falls evolve for the last century helps give the city its cozy, charming vibe.  


We are excited to announce the launch of our new business, Be Social Marketing, a marketing agency focused on small business and bringing the community together. The start of this new journey is very exciting for us and we are very eager to help the business in the area prosper!

We look forward to the opening of the year round indoor farmers market, the new parking garage that will accompany it, and all of the new business that will be popping up. We can't wait to see the historic buildings of Glens Falls get a second chance with all of the ongoing restorations in downtown.

Glens Falls NY - Glens Falls Living

Thanks Steven and Sidney! We’ll have to have you back again to chat more about the Paranormal Society - Tom is SO intrigued!

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The Weekender: May 17 - 19

The weekend is in sight - we made it! And was that the sun we saw today?! Unheard of.

We’re looking forward to a weekend at home after some travel this week. The Farmers’ Market is calling our name on Saturday morning, and Tom doesn’t know it yet, but building a window box just might be in our future :) Here’s what else we’re hoping to fit in:

Glens Falls NY - Glens Falls Living
Glens Falls Living

Have a great weekend!
Bri + Tom

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Six Trends to Wear this Spring

The birds are chirping, the sun is peeking through the clouds and flowers are starting to bloom again. That means Spring is making its debut and with the change of season comes new fashion trends to try! Below are some of the most wearable trends that everyone can incorporate into their wardrobe for Spring 2019.

Sunshine Shades

Sunshine Shades


Sunshine Shades: The colors you would typically see for the spring season are pastels like lavender, mint or blush. But this Spring, I’m seeing warmer tones like mustard, terracotta and orange. These “sunshine” colors are bold, happy and look great on just about any skin tone. Yellows especially are a stand out color that you will see in spring, summer and will continue into fall designs.

Practical Shorts

Practical Shorts




Practical Shorts: Say goodbye to booty shorts and say hello to Bermuda shorts! The runways are jam packed with shorts that are longer in length and it’s a trend that is comfortable and practical. For a chic work look, try pairing Bermuda shorts with a structured top or a blazer and your favorite pair of heels. For a weekend outfit, try longer length denim shorts with a simple tucked in tee and cute sneakers.

Neon: Neon brights were all over the catwalks for the new season and it’s a trend that you’ll see on a lot of celebrities. Lots of shocking pinks, electric yellows and sassy greens! If you’re on the fence about these highlighter colors, try wearing them in your accessories. Go for a neon colored strappy sandal or a bright clutch to stay on trend. I’m a fan of neon pink and I think wearing this color in my jewelry is the route that I’m going to take when I try this trend.

Utility Style

Utility Style


Utility Style: This is a big trend that you’ll see a lot this season. I love the classic “utility colors” like olive and khaki because they are very neutral and are easy to incorporate into your wardrobe. For this trend, think cargo pants and shorts, trench coats and boiler suits. A simple way to wear this style is to pair some utility inspired cropped pants with a simple cream tank and toss a khaki trench coat over the outfit to pull everything together. An effortless and timeless look.

Layered Necklaces: This is an easy trend to try because you can use what you have at home and stack them up! If you’re looking to buy some new layering necklaces, you’ll see a lot of coin inspired jewelry and necklaces that are adjustable so you can change the length yourself. Gold is very trendy, but feel free to mix your metals for an eclectic, on trend look.

Tie-Dye + Layered Necklaces

Tie-Dye + Layered Necklaces


Tie-Dye: As soon as you bring up spring trends, your mind automatically goes to florals. Yes, florals are always a safe spring staple, but designers are mixing it up a little this year and throwing it back to the hippie era with the exploration of tie-dyes! It’s the season of color, so if you don’t like color, 2019 might not be the year for you! You don’t have to go crazy with every color in the rainbow in your tie-dye, but perhaps try two complimentary colors. Or, if you’re more daring, go all out and have fun with this throwback trend! I personally would leave the crazy colors to the younger crowd, but I might rock a subtle tie-dye maxi dress or simple tie-dye tee.

This wraps up my trend forecast for Spring 2019! This list was created to give you some fashion inspiration for the warmer months that we so look forward to! Don’t forget that fashion is supposed to be fun, so play around with the trends that call your name and always be unapologetically you! What fashion trends are you loving?

Glens Falls Living
Maura Forcier

Maura Forcier is the owner of MinkyMink in downtown Glens Falls, NY - a boutique offering curated clothing & accessories at affordable prices.

Spring Fever Event!

To find all these great styles mentioned above and more join MinkyMink and these participating stores on Thursday, May 16 from 5-8pm …

Beauty Bubble
Finders Keepers Consignment
Fountain Square Outfitters
Lake George Olive Oil Company
Milk & Honey
Northeastern Fine Jewelry
Rude Betty
Shine Style Boutique
Whisper Boutique
42 Degrees

for a night of shopping, discounts and giveaways!! Every shop will offer a special or discount and serve refreshments. This is the time to shop in Downtown Glens Falls! Have some fun while supporting our city's small businesses! Details here.

My Glens Falls: Natascha Pearl-Mansman

This week, we’re catching up with Natascha Pearl-Mansman! If you’ve been lucky enough to make it to a Darling Doughnuts Pop-Up, you’re sure to recognize her (and you’re sure to be addicted to those sweet treats!). Read on to find out what downtown department store her Dad’s family owned, her go-to spot for breakfast with her husband, and what’s next for Darling Doughnuts!

Natascha Pearl-Mansman Darling Doughnuts

Tell us about yourself!

Hello! My name is Natascha Pearl-Mansman. I’m an artist, wife, stay-at-home mama, and owner of Darling Doughnuts Artisan Doughnut Pop-Up Shop

On Life in Glens Falls

I grew up in Glens Falls and have lived here most of my life. Upon graduating from high school I felt like I needed to get out, move to a big city and see the world. I lived in Boston for almost five years, and even spent a summer semester in China! I didn’t truly appreciate all that Glens Falls has to offer until I left, and moved back home in 2010. My biggest complaint about big city life - it never got dark enough at night to see the stars! Glens Falls has all the perks of city life with a small-town feel, and in just a few minutes drive you can be in nature. Within a few hours drive you can be in Montreal, Boston, or New York City, but we have world-class attractions right here in our own backyard. 

Both my parents have spent most of their lives in Glens Falls as well, and we have a lot of family that lives in the area. My Dad’s family owned Pearl’s Department Stores which was in business from the 1920s through the 1980s, and they had a warehouse in the old WO building on Maple St. He collects historical architectural details, and I grew up in a house built in 1832 over by the Bay St Cemetery - it even still has thumb latch doors! Apparently the land the cemetery sits on used to be the fields of the person who built our house, and the surrounding homes were built for his children. I love seeing the preservation of our historical architecture around the city - I’m especially excited to see the restoration of that tiny home over on Culvert St! 

My husband and I rent a duplex apartment close to Downtown in Glens Falls with our daughter and our two cats. We’re in walking distance to shops, restaurants, schools, and parks, so I think we’re pretty well situated! Plus, my brother-in-law and his wife live upstairs so we couldn’t ask for better neighbors. My commercial kitchen space is only a few blocks away - at least I don’t have very far to travel when I’m pulling all-nighters making doughnuts! 

Some Glens Falls Favorites

My favorite thing about Glens Falls is all the events and activities we have throughout the year - from the LARAC and Zonta Festivals in the summer, to the Balloon Festival in the Fall, ice skating on Crandall Pond in winter, and Thursday Markets at the Shirt Factory starting up again in spring - there’s always something to do. We’re lucky to have a thriving arts community, and places like the Hyde Museum, the World Awareness Children’s Museum, the CR Wood Theater, and the Crandall Public Library to enjoy. I love seeing all the small businesses opening up and thriving downtown, it’s really come a long way since I was a kid. 

A Perfect Glens Falls Day

On days when I’m not working, I love to take my daughter out for a brunch date downtown, usually Rock Hill Bakehouse Cafe (now the Exchange Cafe) for soup and sandwiches (and a cookie, of course!), or Samantha’s Cafe - their bananas foster oatmeal is so yummy! Then after a nap, we’ll pack up the stroller and take a walk to Crandall Park or down the bike trail - and stop at Cooper’s Cave for ice cream (I love their ‘baby’ cone - it’s the perfect size for a little one!).

On the occasion that my husband and I are both off on the same day, we like to go out to Poopie’s Diner for breakfast (love their homefries and the Villa Bread toast!). Admittedly between owning my own business and being a mom, and my husband’s work and his band (Joe Mansman and the Midnight Revival Band) we don’t get many opportunities for date nights - but when we do I love to go out for margaritas at Raul’s, have dinner at Aroy Dee (I either order the chirashi sushi or drunken noodles) or Downtown City Tavern (sunnyside up egg on a pizza, yes please!), and catch some live music somewhere. 

On the Past

I still remember that epic snowstorm, I think it was ‘93 or ‘94 - we got almost 4 feet of snow and everything was shut down for the day. People were cross-country skiing down the road, and we had enough snow that we built an igloo in our back yard. I think it was that same year on my sister’s birthday that we caught a rare glimpse of the northern lights! A lot of people complain about the cold in upstate NY, but I love the changing of the seasons. When I’ve brought friends from around the country (and around the world) to this area they’re always blown away by how beautiful it is here! 

…and On the Future

I would love to be able to open a brick-and-mortar location for Darling Doughnuts at some point! I started my business after my daughter Clementine was born. My goal was to earn enough money working nights and weekends to make my monthly student loan payments so that we could afford for me to stay home with her. I’ve always baked for fun - I make awesome bagels, pretzels, and even fully-laminated croissants and pan au chocolat, but it was my husband Joey who finally convinced me to get over my fear of the deep fryer and try making doughnuts. I knew right away that I was on to something! Our area has a ton of great cider donuts (we even had some in lieu of cake at our wedding!), but is lacking in the kind of flavorful yeast-raised doughnuts that you can find in the big cities. Sometimes I wish I had chosen to make something less time and labor-intensive (they take 10-12 hours to make depending on the batch size), but the response has been incredible. I’ve sold nearly 5,000 doughnuts in my first year in business, and have had the opportunity to work with many great local businesses and organizations. I rent a shared commercial kitchen space in town, but have reached the point where the demand has exceeded my current production capabilities, so I’ll be keeping my eyes out for a brick-and-mortar storefront in the future! 

Anything else?

Starting May 16th you can find me at Thursday Markets at the Shirt Factory nearly every week til mid September! It’s great to see a building from Glens Falls’s industrial age reimagined as a space for artists and artisans to showcase their wares - and the food truck corrals are fun for the whole family!

Glens Falls Living

Thanks, Natascha! We can’t wait to try the new Doughrogi!!

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The Weekender: May 10 - 12

Happy Mother’s Day weekend! It always feels like the official start to spring since it usually coincides with everything coming into bloom, and we couldn’t be happier to finally spot some color around here. The allergies, though, we could do without those.

In addition to stocking up on more allergy meds, here’s what we’re hoping to fit in:

Glens Falls NY - Glens Falls Living
Glens Falls Living

Have a great weekend!
Bri + Tom

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Mother's Day Gift Guide

With Mother’s Day coming right up (this Sunday to be exact!), we’re rounding up just a few ideas that would make a perfect gift. There are so many great shops in the city that it’s easy to find a great gift and hard to include them all in just one post! We hope this helps get you started, and mostly, we hope it gets you downtown to do your shopping! :)

Mother's Day Gift Guide Glens Falls NY

a sure bet

Flowers: Snipped from your lilac bush if yours blooms in time (or look for flowers at the Farmer’s Market!) - always a favorite!



Olive Oil: Having great olive oil on hand always makes us feel like we’ve got it together in the kitchen. Lake George Olive Oil Company has an awesome selection, with traditional options as well as infused olive oil to add a little something extra. Not to mention the pretty new cutting boards and other home decor!

Spice Mix + Dip: Make her life a bit easier with Spice and Dip Mixes from Rachel’s Spice Company. And these might just go perfectly with the aforementioned olive oil - just sayin’!

Cookies: Need we say more? We’ve been eyeing The Muffin-Top Baker’s cookies for a while now, and this cookie bouquet would make the perfect gift. Get your order in via Facebook or Instagram for pick-up before Sunday (limited slots left!).


For the mom who prefers experiences over things

Mani + Pedi: A little relaxation and self-care never hurt anyone, and we love the idea of a gift certificate to Studio Bari to get her nails summer ready!

Mother’s Day Brunch: Whether it’s breakfast in bed or taking her out to eat, breakfast is always a win! If you don’t want to worry about making the quiche, take her out to brunch and let someone else do the dishes! Looks like Morgan and Co., Park 26, Davidson Brothers and more are open for Mother’s Day.

Dinner + A Show: Summer shows abound in Glens Falls (especially with Adirondack Theatre Festival coming up!), and a gift certificate for dinner out on a downtown patio followed by a fantastic show at The Wood Theater or The Park Theater would make the perfect pair.


for her Closet

Jewelry: She’ll probably want everything at MinkyMink, but the jewelry by Buffalo Bannon on the front table caught our eye!

Spring Jacket: Since jackets are necessary around here until ohhh maybe August, we love the spring and summer colors of Patagonia windbreakers at Fountain Square Outfitters - and so would she!

Handbag: Can you ever have too many bags? A question Tom asks all the time! Since the answer is no, Milk and Honey has a great selection!

Hair Scarves: The best accessory for spring and summer (and only $8!) at Beauty Bubble.



A Card: We can’t think of anything more meaningful than a handwritten note telling her just how much she means to you. This pretty card at Rude Betty makes it easy.

Notepad: For her never ending to-do list. This Today (or Tomorrow) notepad from Made in Upstate NY at The Shirt Factory seems awfully fitting.

Soap: You can’t go wrong with Beekman 1802! Rude Betty has a great selection of their soaps (and the packaging is so pretty, you don’t need to wrap it!).

Glens Falls Living

Truth is, we could’ve snapped photos of gift ideas downtown all day. So many great options to make Mother’s Day special, and supporting local businesses at the same time!

Happiest Mother’s Day to all the Moms, soon to be Moms, hoping someday Moms, dog and cat Moms, and all the special ladies in between.

My Glens Falls: Joseph Girard III

This week, we caught up with Joseph Girard III - JG3! He likely needs no introduction, as most of us were cheering him on as he and his Glens Falls High School Basketball teammates won the State and Federation Championships earlier this year. Read on to find out a bit more about him, including his favorite places to grab a bite to eat, what he’s looking forward to about college, and a few words of advice for up and coming basketball players.

Joseph Girard III - JG3 Glens Falls

Tell us about yourself! 

My name is Joseph Girard III and I am a senior at Glens Falls High School. I will be attending Syracuse University after graduation and will be playing basketball for the Orangemen. I will be leaving for SU on June 30th and taking classes over the summer while working out with my future basketball coaches and teammates. The SU basketball team will be heading to Italy in August for an exhibition tour and play in some exhibition games. I am looking forward to this trip! When I am not in school or playing basketball, I enjoy hanging out with my friends, playing video games and enjoying summertime activities like boating, tubing, hanging by our pool and miniature golfing.

On Life in Glens Falls

Glens Falls has always been my home. You can say I am a “local”… born at Glens Falls Hospital, live in Glens Falls and go to Glens Falls High School. My parents grew up in Glens Falls as well. My mom is a graduate of Glens Falls High and my dad attended St. Mary’s School in Glens Falls. I think it says a lot that they both went away to college (LeMoyne College in Syracuse) and returned home to start a career and raise a family. I believe many of us feel that Glens Falls is a community to be proud of and a great place to raise a family.

What I love about my neighborhood is that we are centrally located to the places I go to the most - the bike trail, walking distance to the YMCA and Crandall Park, walking distance to the School and Downtown Glens Falls. Although I say “walking distance”, I used to ride my bike all over with my friends, and now I usually drive!

What I love about Glens Falls overall is the community feel and support. It was an honor to play in front of so many supporters and community members during our football and basketball seasons. Playing in the Basketball Federation tournament to a sold-out crowd at the Cool Insuring Arena was incredible! We also appreciated all the people who came out for the Parade honoring the basketball team. Glens Falls community members support each other!

What I love about my school is that I have a lot of friends and know many kids from all grades. Our smaller class sizes and neighborhood schools allow students to get to know their classmates. It is also neat that many of our teachers and administrators are Glens Falls graduates. I like to hear their stories about how school was “when they were in our seats”.

Some Glens Falls Favorites

As a true basketball fan – one of my favorite things about Glens Falls is hosting the NYS High School Basketball Tournament and the Federation tournament. I grew up attending the tournaments at the Glens Falls Civic Center (now Cool Insuring Arena). My grandfather, Joe Girard Sr, was on the basketball committee (s) – so as a treat he would let me go with him to “volunteer” and help out. I especially loved when I missed school for it! I enjoyed watching players – like Lance Stephenson, Dajuan Coleman and of course, Jimmer Fredette. I remember wishing and wanting to have the opportunity to play in the tournament and be a State Champion one day. How ironic we won the State tournament in Binghamton this past March, the last year it was being held there before coming back to Glens Falls! I am so thankful my team and I made it to the Federation Tournament this past March to win the title in front of our home crowd!

A Perfect Glens Falls Day

My friends and I always seem to congregate around a basketball hoop or the football field. Going to the “turf”, our high school football field, to throw the ball around or the YMCA for basketball or a friend’s house to play mini-ball is usually the perfect day for me. For down time we play video games – Fortnite or Madden.

And then of course we eat! Some of our favorite spots are:

Talk of the Town – Buffalo Chicken Pizza is a must!

Angelina’s Pizzeria – pizza and wings

Sam’s Diner – breakfast

Recovery Sports Grill


During the summer – we spend a lot of time on Lake George – boating, tubing and maybe a little cliff-diving. Martha’s Ice Cream is always a must-do also.

On the Past

My parents tell me I was putting the ball in the hoop before I could walk. Apparently, I would crawl with the ball to make the shot in the basket on my Fisher-Price hoop. I never stopped…. as I grew bigger, so did the basketball and hoop. I could not wait to play on a basketball team. I started at the YMCA playing Saturday mornings when I was maybe five (5). I remember being so excited and made sure I had a basketball uniform to wear and basketball sneakers. When I was in third grade, my dad put together a Glens Falls team with me, my cousins and friends. We would play against other schools and go to small tournaments. It wasn’t until 7th grade that I played on a school team and played AAU basketball for Albany teams. My dad started teaching and coaching me at basketball and my grandfather would give me advice on how to better my game. I always strived to be a better player than both of them. Of course, Jimmer has been an inspiration and mentor to me. I grew up watching him play at Glens Falls and followed him at BYU, in the NBA and in China. He has been a great role model for me because he is humble, hard-working and dedicated. I have enjoyed our workouts together and appreciate his words of encouragement and advice on how to be a better all-around player.

My favorite high school moments were winning two (2) football state championships and a basketball state championship – the only ones in the School’s history.

On the Future

I chose Syracuse University because I felt it was the best fit for me. I built a strong relationship with Coach Boeheim and Coach McNamara and was comfortable with how they recruited me and made me feel a part of the team. I look forward to playing and contributing to the team. I plan to study Communications and Syracuse University has one of the top programs in this field -– Newhouse School of Public Communications.

While at school, I will miss my family and friends, for sure. I’ll have to find some favorite eating spots in Syracuse to replace the places I will miss here. But it is nice to know I am only a few hours away from home if I get a craving for something!

I am looking forward to getting to know my teammates and experiencing being part of a Division 1 basketball team. Like every college student, I will be adjusting to living on my own and taking care of things that I don’t necessarily think of now, but I am excited to grow as a person, a player and a student while at Syracuse University.

My goals at college and beyond is to help SU win a NCAA Championship, obtain a great education and play in the NBA.

Words of Advice for Up-and-Coming Basketball Players

Work hard and practice hard. Playing with older kids who were bigger and faster than me pushed me to work harder. If you set a goal for yourself – do what it takes to reach that goal. There will be sacrifices along the way – but trust me, it is worth it!

Glens Falls Living

Thanks, Joseph, and good luck at Syracuse! We’ll all be cheering you on.

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Five Shows to See in May

While spring is trying to find its way to Glens Falls, and leaves and buds are peeking out to see if it is safe, we have many reasons to come out of our homes to blossom. By listening to live music! Oh joy! There are so many choices in this area and I encourage you to add one or all of my recommendations to your calendar this month.

The Hyde Glens Falls NY

May 5 • Glens Falls Symphony • Glens Falls High School

It is amazing to have a world class symphony in our little city of Glens Falls. Truly something to celebrate and support. The Glens Falls Symphony season finale concert: Bernstein's Chichester Psalms and Beethoven's spectacular Ninth Symphony will be performed with a chorus of around 180 voices from local choral groups, including Adirondack Voices and Queensbury High School Madrigals and Concert Choir. There are still tickets (get yours here!) but it looks like they are going fast! It will be a true ode to joy!!

May 5 - Albany Pro Musica - Troy Savings Bank Music Hall

I would be attending the Glens Falls Symphony concert if I wasn’t singing on the same day with Albany Pro Musica! By far the best chorus I’ve ever sung with - we’ll be singing Mozart’s Mass in C Minor and a new commissioned work by APM Composer-in-Residence Ola Gjeilo. Two great options to choose from in one afternoon! Find more information here!

May 9 • Ustad Shafaat Khan • Crandall Public Library

Every Thursday I look forward to heading over to the library after dinner and popping in for the FREE concert series. I am amazed by the quality of the curation and how easy and accessible it is to attend. I have had a good amount of exposure listening to Indian music live - I lived in Fiji for a number of years where there is a large Indian population and sat for hours on a hard wooden bench during a wedding or puja and first heard the sounds of the sitar and tabla. I am looking forward to reliving some of these fond memories in the comfort of the library space listening to a world-renowned Indian classical musician, Ustad Shafaat Khan. I support world music performances in Glens Falls whenever I am able to as I value diversity and want to encourage more opportunities to open eyes and ears to the world. Music is a comfortable bridge that unites.

Ustad Shafaat Khan has performed all over the world and recently performed with Stevie Wonder at the world famous Bonnaroo Festival. And he’ll be right here in Glens Falls in the Crandall Public Library! Get the details here.

May 11 • Hui Cox and Laura Roth • Caffe Lena

When I first met Hui and Laura at Spector over a cup of coffee a few years ago, I understood why they were viewed as “celebrities” in Glens Falls. They are both so passionate about music and working together and they are fun and fabulous people! One of the highlights of my time at The Park Theater was having them perform there monthly. They put on a spectacular show and drew a loyal following. Laura has got a “show-stopper” voice and personality and Hui backs her with finesse on guitar. They will be celebrating the release of their new CD together “Karma Bound” at Caffe Lena and it will be a great night! Find all the details here.

May 17 • Traveler’s Tales • Hyde House

The Hyde Museum is one of my favorite spots to spend a rainy afternoon in Glens Falls. You can find me there a lot lately! I am excited to see it come to life theatrically as guests are lead through the museum and presented with tales of artwork from the perspective of guest characters. Art in the Public Eye is doing a fabulous job creating unique and enjoyable art opportunities for us to attend in Glens Falls! I’ll be at this one! More information here!

airmail line.png
Susan Siplon

Susan Siplon is a singer, actor, artist and arts enthusiast who has been both on the stage and behind the scenes as a producer, festival director and venue manager. Susan recently moved to Glens Falls after living all over the country and in Fiji and New Zealand and has found the arts scene in this area to be one of the most vibrant and easily accessible that she has ever experienced.  

The Weekender: May 3 - 5

Happy Thursday! We’re weekend ready and it’s going to be a great one! Kentucky Derby, Cinco de Mayo, and hopefully some good old fashioned relaxing on the back porch (60s this weekend!). Here’s what we’re hoping to squeeze in:

Downtown Glens Falls, NY
Glens Falls Living

Have a great weekend!
Bri and Tom

P.S. If you’re looking for a Sunday drive, how ‘bout a ride out to Granville? See some of our recommendations here.

End of the Line for Mile Track

There was a hint of grief in The Post-Star report on Nov. 21, 1919, that work would begin that day on demolition of the barns and grand stand at the old Mile Track on Upper Coolidge Avenue, between Dixon Road and Sherman Avenue, in Glens Falls. “The passing of the Mile Track will bring many memories … to sporting men in this section and in fact the whole country.”

The old One-Mile Track at Broadacres, west of Kensington Road in Glens Falls, where harness racing was held in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Photo courtesy of    The Folklife Center at Crandall Public Library   .

The old One-Mile Track at Broadacres, west of Kensington Road in Glens Falls, where harness racing was held in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Photo courtesy of The Folklife Center at Crandall Public Library.


In its heyday, it was known outside Glens Falls in the harness racing world as the “Billiard Table Track,” for its smooth surface and speed. “The horses whose feet graced the track were the very peers of their species in this form of sport.”

Sixty-seven trotting horses set records at the track, “universally considered to be the fastest one-mile track in existence,” according to the 1908 book “Glens Falls – The Empire City.”

In 1897 – 1901, the Mile Track was a stop on the Grand Circuit of racing, putting Glens Falls in an elite league of cities that included Detroit, Cleveland, Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, Buffalo and the Bronx.

There was excitement when George Finch, president of the Northern New York Horse Breeders Association, received a letter that Glens Falls would be accepted into the Grand Circuit, provided necessary purses could be raised.

“A grand circuit meeting would bring a great crowd of money spenders to Glens Falls, and the town would be benefited financially,” The Morning Star reported on Feb. 10, 1897. “There is every reason to believe that the breeder’s association would also realize a handsome profit from the venture.”

Anticipation turned to reality and 335 horses were entered in the debut meet Aug. 17-20, 1897.

“Promptly at two o’clock starter Frank Walker of Chicago will ring up the horses for the opening event,” The Morning Star reported on Aug. 17, 1897.

Admission was $1 for “gentlemen” and 50 cents for “ladies.”

By 1901, the meet was losing momentum, and in 1902 local organizers pulled the plug when the Glens Falls meet was moved on the schedule from August to mid-September, coinciding with another prominent meet at the Empire Track in New York City.

Local organizers feared they would not be able to draw enough entries for the local meet to be feasible.

“This news will be received with extreme regret in town, since there was no one thing which advertised this place more extremely than the annual circuit meeting. It brought visitors from the length and breadth of the country,” The Morning Star reported on May 20, 1902. The track was not used and fell into disrepair. A Post-Star editorial on June 11, 1918 urged the community to brainstorm to come up with a new use for the Mile Track.

“Glens Falls, noted for its civic pride, ought not to allow these grounds and grandstand to fall into decay,” the editorial stated. “Grand Circuit racing may never return here, but this track would make an ideal place for athletic events of school or municipal nature.”

The grandstand was still structurally sound, and with a little work could be put back in good condition.

“Too many of us are prone to forget, as we dream of the glories of some bygone days, what it is possible to do in the present. … Glens Falls should find some way to save them for the use of the younger generation.”

But a way was not found, and the barns and grand stand were demolished, and the land eventually redeveloped for housing.

All that is left are antiquated newspaper reports of trotting horse John R. Gentry setting a world record and of M.J. Cassidy of Colorado, a man with no arms or hands, driving trotting horse Raymond M.

“Other famous horses of the day that won great laurels and who will go down in history of trackdom as among greatest of the great and who competed at the old Mile Track are Star Pointer, Royal R. Sheldon, Indiana, Bingin and many other too numerous to mention,” The Post-Star reported on Nov. 21, 1919.

Glens Falls Living
Maury Thompson

Maury Thompson was a reporter for The Post-Star for 21 years before he retired in 2017. He now is a freelance writer and documentary film producer specializing in regional history. Thompson is collaborating with Snarky Aardvark Films to produce a documentary about Charles Evans Hughes and the Adirondacks, which is expected to release in 2020. See the trailer here.

My Glens Falls: Cristina Laubenheimer

This week, we’re chatting with Cristina Laubenheimer! If you’ve ever popped into Juicin’ Jar, you’re sure to recognize her. We were so happy to get to know her better, including where you’re likely to find her on a free Saturday morning, her go-to dinner spot, and her dream for a future home.

Juicin Jar Glens Falls NY

Tell us about yourself!

Hello! My name is Cristina Laubenheimer. I am the owner and operator of Juicin' Jar. I live in Queensbury with my fiancé Daniel (we recently got engaged on Christmas last year!). We live with our dog Riley and our two kitties Rosie and Ralphie. I love all types of food and enjoy making dinner for friends and family. Most of my free time is spent working on projects with my fiancé, getting outside, or making a meal and watching a good movie!  

On Life in Glens Falls

I am not originally from this area. My parents were born and raised in Long Island which is where I was born. We moved up here to the Ballston Lake area originally. We moved around a lot as kids and I ended up graduating from Schuylerville High School. My mom bought her house in South Glens Falls 10 years ago, where we planted our roots in the area.

I attended Adirondack Community College (now SUNY Adirondack) and transferred to the Paul Smith's ACE program where I studied hotel restaurant tourism management. Over the last ten years I have worked a lot in the area and met a lot of people throughout the years of moving around and through college.

My family is small but we all have found our home in this beautiful area. My oldest sister is now married and recently had our niece Eleana and my sister Nicole and I have been running the Juicin' Jar together for the past four years. My mom works for Glens Falls Hospital. My fiancé Daniel has a large family and was born and raised in Queensbury. We rent an apartment in Queensbury but are working and saving towards owning our own home, hopefully with some land where we can have horses and a small farm.

Some Glens Falls Favorites

My favorite thing about Glens Falls is the local small town charm. Each building, business owner, and street has so much character and charm. There are so many great places and events that happen. Summer is my favorite time of year with so many local events like Take a Bite, GemFest, and Wingfest. I’m sure people know, but the local community that makes up this city are very giving and involved people. There are many of us who support and see the full potential this city has and what it will become.

A Perfect Glens Falls Day

If I'm not at the Juicin' Jar (let's be honest, most of my time is spent there which truly does bring me joy to make people happy with delicious food!), my ideal day would be to wake up on a Saturday and go to the Glens Falls Farmers Market and pick up fresh produce and flowers. I’d make my way to a yoga class at Yoga Kayla where my sister Nicole is now an instructor! Or a restorative Yin Yoga Class at the Adirondack Salt Cave. My new favorite dinner spot is the Seasoned Restaurant that holds the culinary program for SUNY Adirondack. I love the gelato at the Lake George Olive Oil Co. For a special occasion, I will find the perfect dress at Minky Mink or any accessories or handbag at Finders Keepers Consignment. When I’m shopping for someone, I love Milk & Honey as they have the cutest baby clothes, nice trendy jewelry, and best smelling soaps and candles! Twice a year, Crandall Library hosts their book sale and you will find me there with three bags of gently used books! I am looking forward to trying the new restaurant [farmacy]!

On the Past

My favorite Glens Falls memory is the day we moved our business from South Street to Exchange Street. We had been on the search for the perfect spot for our business and from the kitchen to the outside patio, it has the charm that fits us perfectly. I have loved to see the changes that the perfect location makes for a business. I can hear my college business professor saying "location, location , location".

…And On The Future

I would love to see a larger parking area for the community! That is the number one thing I think tourists and the community need to be able to enjoy our beautiful city even more!

Glens Falls Living

Thanks so much, Cristina!

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Road Trip: Granville, NY

Have you taken a ride out to Granville lately? We went on a little day trip this weekend, and we can’t sing it’s praises enough. From the farms to the food to the friendly people, it’ll definitely be in heavy rotation for our Sunday drives this summer (especially since it’s only about 30 minutes from Glens Falls!). Read on for some favorites from our trip:

Dancing Ewe Farm

Dancing Ewe Farm



Rathbun’s Maple Sugar House: We’ve been to Rathbun’s a few times during Maple Weekend, but we were never lucky enough to snag a table for breakfast during that busy season. Lucky for all of us, they’re open year round (!!) and we were so happy to cozy up in a booth for pancakes and french toast (…and eggs…and home fries…). It’s comfort food at it’s best, and you just can’t beat their maple syrup.


Edwards Market: I’m all about having a “second breakfast” on the weekend, but since we were pretty full from Rathbun’s, we settled on grabbing some sweets for the ride home. We spotted Edwards Market as we rolled through town, and loved the vintage inspired signage and of course, the mural on the side of the building. The charm continued inside, where we grabbed a few cookies for the road, and even got to try a sample of the danish - still warm and so good! Looking forward to trying the rest of the menu next trip, as well as their restaurant next door - West Main Grille!


Slate Town Brewing Company: We’ve heard such great things about Slate Town, and we couldn’t wait to check it out. The space has a super cool, casual vibe (we always love a great vintage rug and furniture), and of course, fantastic beer (two thumbs up from Tom for their Equinox IPA!). For those of us non-beer drinkers, they’ve got a great menu of local wines and hard ciders as well. And bonus - regular live music and food trucks, too!



Dancing Ewe Farm: We lucked out with it being Fiber Tour weekend, and we loved visiting the sweet sheep (the adorable little lambs had us dreaming about buying our own farm!). They host lunch and dinner events throughout the year in the main barn, and we’re excited to make reservations for a dinner this summer - it looks like a dream!


Hicks Orchard + Slyboro Ciderhouse: Hicks is always a favorite for us in the fall, but we’ve been thrilled to see that they’ve been open here and there through the winter and spring! The Maple Glazed Cider Donuts that they’ve been serving up this season are to die for (we took half a dozen home!), and it’s always a must to visit (and feed!) the goats. Don’t leave without a cider tasting at Slyboro - or grabbing some to take home!



Second Chance Barn: One of our favorites for vintage decor, we always love heading out to the barn to see what’s new. They’ve got a great (and always rotating!) selection of antiques, vintage furniture, old windows and doors, and basically everything you didn’t know you needed, but now you do. From vintage baskets in the summer to old sleds in the winter, we always seem to find something to bring home and give a “second chance”.


On our list for next trip: Shopping at The Gold Trout, and visits to the Slate Valley Museum and the Pember Library.

Until next time, Granville! We’d love to hear your Granville area favorites below!

Glens Falls Living

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The Weekender: April 26 - 28

Happy Thursday! How’s your week been? We’ve been savoring these sunny warm days with long walks and spending our afternoons working on the back porch. We’re crossing our fingers for more sunshine this weekend, because there’s lots going on! Here’s a few things to keep you busy:

Glens Falls NY Things to Do
Glens Falls Living

Have a great weekend!
Bri and Tom

P.S. In case you missed it, the first featured wedding in our Celebrations series.

Just Married: George + Bethany Carpenter

We’re so excited to kick off our Celebrations section with a gorgeous wedding that took place downtown last spring. Read on to find out about the sweet proposal (loved this idea!), the beautiful venue they chose, and the one piece of advice they have for you if you’re planning your wedding!

Photography by Mindy LaVine

Photography by Mindy LaVine

THE COUPLE - George and Bethany Carpenter

Tell us about yourselves!

George has been a Warren County Sheriff for the past 10 years. I am a 4th grade teacher at Big Cross Elementary school in Glens Falls. We just welcomed a baby boy named Paxton Thomas on March 23, 2019.

Where did you meet?

George and I met playing co-ed softball 5 years ago. We were on opposite teams and eventually became friends which turned into a relationship.

Glens Falls NY Wedding Venue

What do you two like to do together?

We like to play softball, go to hockey games, hang out with friends, play outside yard games and spend time with our new child.

What do you admire about each other?

I admire George's work ethic and kind heart. He is willing to help anyone out that asks for a favor. He is very loving and an amazing father. George admires my athleticism and great personality. He also likes the fact that I work with children and my patience.

Glens Falls NY Wedding Trolley


We’d love to hear about the proposal!

George proposed to me on Easter in 2018. He set up an Easter egg hunt in our house and inside one of the eggs was a note that asked me to marry him. I was surprised but also had a feeling he was doing it that way because he isn't the best at keeping secrets.

The ring is absolutely beautiful. It was purchased from a friend who bought it through an estate. It originally had a diamond in the middle and a halo around the center diamond. George had it customized and took the diamonds from the halo to place around the band of the ring.

Glens Falls NY Wedding Photos

THE WEDDING - June 9, 2018

What was your favorite part (and/or the most challenging part) of the planning process?

Our favorite part of the planning process was being able to see our ideas come together. Every time we made a decision, it made the process even more exciting. The most challenging part was keeping the guest list under a certain amount. We have many friends but had to cut back due to the venue size.

What was the setting for your wedding?

The wedding was at The Queensbury Hotel. It was everything we could have hoped for. The food and staff were outstanding. We would recommend the venue to anyone who is thinking about getting married in the area. All of the new upgrades to the hotel made the venue very modern and beautiful.

The Queensbury Hotel Wedding Glens Falls NY

What made you choose Glens Falls as the location for your wedding?

We wanted to stay close to home so that everyone that lived in the area could attend. We also love the look of downtown Glens Falls which is where we did most of our wedding pictures.

Glens Falls NY Wedding

What was your color palette and style for the occasion?

The colors were blush, ivory and gold. The groom and groomsmen wore blue suits with pink ties. We wanted to keep the colors light and spring colors.

My gown was mermaid style and covered in lace. It had a blush layer underneath the lace to give it a little pop of pink. The bridesmaids dresses were blush as well and they were able to choose any floor length dress they liked. The flowers were pink and white roses with a lot of greenery. We wanted to keep the cake simple so it was ivory with roses and greenery as well. My mother, sister, and I made all of the center pieces. We had half of the tables with lanterns and the other half were tall vases with branches and roses.

How about your favorite moments from the day?

Our favorite moment of the wedding day was seeing each other for the first time as I walked down the aisle. We also enjoyed riding in the trolley after the wedding. We did not want the traditional limousine and had so much fun with the bridal party in the trolley. We also enjoyed taking pictures in downtown Glens Falls and in the middle of Glen Street.

Glens Falls NY Wedding

And finally, one piece of advice for a bride-and-groom-to-be?

Our piece of advice for brides and grooms is to make sure that the day is about them and to take deep breaths throughout the day to reflect on what is going on. Like everyone says, the day flies by and it is important to step back for a moment and to take everything in.

Glens Falls Wedding at The Queensbury Hotel

Vendor Credits

Venue: The Queensbury Hotel
Food/Catering: The Queensbury Hotel
Cake: Gambles
Gown: Lily Saratoga
Hair: Brene Choppa
Makeup: Linette Cerrone
Photographer: Mindy LaVine (518-232-6395)
Florals: Adirondack Flower
DJ / Band: Cool Cat Entertainment
Ring Designer: Louis Jewelers
Transportation: Advantage Transit Group
Photo Booth: Queensbury Photo Booth

Glens Falls Living

We’re looking forward to sharing the stories of engaged and newly married couples, births, milestone birthdays, retirements, and more.

Have a celebration to share? We’d love to hear from you! Contact us here.

My Glens Falls: Steph Rollo

This week, we’re chatting with Steph Rollo! As a registered nurse at Glens Falls Hospital for over 20 years, she’s seen quite the transformation in Glens Falls through that time! We were excited to find out what she loves about her job, how she hits reset after work, and the downtown shops she wishes would re-open.

Steph Rollo outside Glens Falls Hospital

Steph Rollo outside Glens Falls Hospital


Tell us about yourself!

My name is Steph Rollo and I have worked as a registered nurse at Glens Falls Hospital (GFH) for almost 21 years. I am a certified gastroenterology nurse (CGRN) and I am very active in our shared leadership structure at GFH. I love what I do. I go into work each day with a smile.

Being a nurse allows me to care for and interact with our community members. They are our neighbors, friends and families. I want to help take the best possible care of them. That can be in preventative medicine such as educating people about colon cancer prevention, for example. It can be helping to care for those who need treatment for existing health issues, actively participating in their procedures and recovery, as well as providing follow-up care.

Our mission statement at GFH is to improve the health of people in our region by providing access to exceptional, affordable, and patient-centered care every day and in every setting. As a nurse, I have had the pleasure of seeing firsthand the teamwork, pride, and genuine care that goes into what we do. I know the level of commitment that our nurses have for the care that we provide to our community and I am happy to be a part of that team.

It's pretty awesome when your work is also your passion. I’m very blessed to be able to do what I love.  

On Life in Glens Falls

I don’t live in Glens Falls, but I have lived in the area my whole life. I went to school in Lake George but Glens Falls is definitely my second home. More specifically, I guess the hospital is like my second home. Most of my family lives in the area as well.

I stay in this area because I genuinely love it and the sense of community that we have here. People go above and beyond to help each other. One of my close friends was new to the area and after running into several friends and people that I knew she asked me if there was anyone that I didn’t know. I don’t think that I have ever met a stranger and I can thank my parents for that. I love getting to know people and their “stories.” I’m fascinated by people. I love books and the stories within their pages, but nothing compares to real-life narrations and the richness of hearing people tell their stories. Thankfully, my profession provides me with countless opportunities to meet people.

I’ve seen such a positive transformation in Glens Falls over the last 15 years or so. There has been so much growth and new businesses seem to open up all of the time. Realtors and developers are recognizing the potential of Glens Falls.

I love the four seasons and the countless community activities that happen throughout the entire year here. The Wood Theater and The Park Theater are two great places to catch some live entertainment. Our area has been on the sports map for a long time with major teams considering our area as conducive to the development of their young players. Our family used to have season tickets to the Detroit Red Wings AHL affiliate, The Adirondack Red Wings. Many hockey players that were on their way up passed through our arena. As a result, many of the prominent athletes who spent time in our area, made it their home. When people come here, they stay here.

For me, this area will always read as home on my GPS.

While I do not own a home in Glens Falls, I have always admired and appreciated the vintage architecture, character and true hometown feeling that it has to offer. The buildings and homes each tell a story and add to the richness of our community. I love seeing people invest in older homes and renovate them to make them new again, while maintaining their character, heritage and history.

Glens Falls has a way of making you feel welcome and feel as if you are a part of things. I love that it is family-friendly and safe. I see our officers and rescue workers out and about daily making sure of it.

If you drive through town, you’ll see families spending time together, walkers and joggers, cyclists, and people with their dogs. We live in a very active area with plenty of fitness opportunities. We have area parks & recreation, The Adirondack Balloon Festival, concerts, Take a Bite, Taste of the North Country, the LARAC arts festival, the Glens Falls Symphony, vintage car shows, and so much more to enjoy. These are just some of the community events and activities that foster community connections. There is just always something to do.

Some Glens Falls Favorites

Glens Falls and our surrounding areas have such a uniquely strong sense of community. We rally around each other and support each other like no other place that I have seen. That’s my favorite thing about our area. When there is a time of need, people just lock arms and support each other. When we have local school activities and sporting events you will see family members, townspeople and local businesses all take part in the festivities.

Glens Falls is a town of traditions. One of my favorite annual events is the South High Marathon Dance. If you want to feel a palpable community pulse you cannot miss the way everyone pulls together to help local people, families and charities. Millions of dollars are raised by school kids, our community and the awesome businesses who contribute as well. That money stays in our community helping area people in need.

One hidden gem might be the Warren County Bikeway which offers over 18 miles of fun between Lake George and Glens Falls. It’s just another area activity that gets you outside and doesn’t cost you a penny to enjoy. That said though, I always tell people that mental health and physical health go hand in hand. So, go ahead and treat yourself to a little ice cream at one of shops while you’re at it.

A Perfect Glens Falls Day

My perfect day is usually one where I can hit the reset button, so to speak. I just like to take time to recharge and maybe do a little people watching while enjoying a hot tea or a latte.  My husband and I might take a wander through the Shirt Factory to check out local crafts, baked goods, food trucks and activities. Then, I would probably stop at a garden center (who am I kidding? …   probably a few) and grab-up some plants, trees and gardening supplies. I love spending time in my yard.

I always enjoy being home, sitting by a fire in my back yard, soaking up the sounds of nature. I like to watch my dogs play and spend time with family. My time is spent enjoying the natural attributes of the area. The beauty is that you don’t have to spend money to enjoy yourself here.

On the Past

Some of my favorite memories of Glens Falls center around the Adirondack Red Wings games and time with my family. Nights at the Civic Center brought people out no matter what the winter weather was.

As for favorite stores that I would like to see brought back, I really miss Downtown Charm and Muddy Boots Decor. They had some really cool vintage finds, chalk paint supplies and Pinterest classes with chocolate, wine and paint. I used to go there after work, with friends. The girls at the shops were always so much fun, too. If they announced that they were reopening, I could guarantee that I’d be right there to see it happen… and to get first dibs!

…And On the Future

I really think that our area is the package deal. The beauty of our region speaks for itself and there is so much to do. We have so many great restaurants, parks, bike paths, strong school systems, great local sports, and a fantastic library. I’m all for anything that promotes family time and strengthens our community.

I suppose if I could wave a magic wand the only thing that I’d ask for would be more time to enjoy what we already have.

Glens Falls Living

Thanks so much, Steph! We could go for more time to enjoy what this area has to offer, too.

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First Look: The Exchange

We know we weren’t the only ones who were bummed when we heard the news that Rock Hill Bakehouse Cafe downtown would be closing, and we definitely weren’t the only ones who were all the more excited when we learned that the cafe would live on under new ownership as The Exchange! After seeing the (super cute) new logo go up on the windows a couple weeks back, we couldn’t wait to pop in and see what was new.

The Exchange Cafe Glens Falls NY

We got to chat with the new owners, Sara and Chris Patten, and learned that Rock Hill had always been a favorite lunch spot for them. In fact, Sara had always wanted to open a cafe, but found it hard to justify since she would have just rather gone to Rock Hill to eat! :) We love that they kept the menu choices (and staff!) that made everyone love Rock Hill, while adding their own special touch. Sara’s love for cooking was easy to see, and she’s proud to offer a menu with a focus on fresh, quality food that makes you feel good (case in point: so many great salads and new dressings!).


The space is still cozy and welcoming, with new windows, updated decor, and fresh flowers adding a light and bright feel. And while the stage is gone (making room for some more seating!), it was fun to see that they kept the floor boards as decor for the wall! We hear they have even more renovations in store next year, and we can’t wait to see the changes they continue to make to the space.


So - the food! We grabbed a sunny table next to the window and quickly ordered the yogurt parfait (with honey, fruit, and local granola - so good!). I had to get the Rise and Shine Toast after seeing a photo of it on their Instagram (a drizzle of olive oil, hummus, avocado, tomato and an over easy egg on toast) - and it was everything I hoped for and more. Tom got the Veggie Breakfast Panini, and we spent the next 5 minutes passing it back and forth, fighting over who got the last bite (you can’t beat that perfectly toasted bread!). We couldn’t leave without sampling the soups (with a soup sampler, of course!), and the rumors are true - they are the best. Our favorite was the Broccoli Cheddar Tomato (we went back for more the next day!), but the Curried Cauliflower was amazing and for the meat eaters out there, the Buffalo Chicken smelled awesome. Also, they do catering and takeout. Backyard picnic anyone? Yes, please!


See you at The Exchange! We’ll be the ones eating all the soup. Oh! And they’re going to be open on Saturdays starting April 29 (in addition to Monday - Friday) - a new weekend brunch spot!

Sara Patten outside    The Exchange Cafe

Sara Patten outside The Exchange Cafe

Glens Falls Living

The Weekender: April 19 - 21

Spring in the city - finally! Buds on the trees, tulips sprouting up, patios and porches opening downtown. There’s just an energy about the city in the springtime that we love, and we’re so happy it’s here.

This Easter weekend, we’re planning on potting some pansies for the porch, and spending lots of time with family. Here’s what’s doin’:

Glens Falls NY - Glens Falls Living
Glens Falls Living Things to Do

Have a great weekend!
Bri + Tom

P.S. In case you missed it, a go-to dessert recipe just in time for the weekend.

Recipe Swap: Coconut Creme Pie

When it comes to dessert, we’re huge fans of pie. And while we’ve (okay, mostly just Bri) mastered a great berry and apple pie, we’ve yet to find a winning recipe that will satisfy our pie craving when those aren’t in season. Looks like that’s all about to change! We’re thrilled to have our friend and neighbor Jen Gohn (who has her own blog called Pershing Road, by the way!) share her go-to Easter dessert recipe - Coconut Creme Pie!

Coconut Creme Pie Recipe

Tell us about yourself, Jen!

I am a wife and mom to three amazing kids, two in college and one still at home. I live to care for my family and make our house a home. My husband and I were born and raised here in Glens Falls. We moved away and lived in Seattle for awhile many years ago but moved back right before our oldest child was born, having realized we didn’t want to raise our children anywhere else but Glens Falls! There’s nothing like the small town community living that we are blessed to have here!

The Recipe…

This Coconut Creme Pie recipe is one that I have been making for more years than I can count! I honestly have no idea where I got it from. I make it every year for Easter, and everyone loves it so much they have been convincing me to make it at Christmas also! Usually when I make it my girls stay close by and sample the filling, whipped cream and toasted coconut topping.

I think that this is a fairly simple pie to make, but I also bake all the time. Some people are intimidated by making a custard, as you have to be careful to temper the eggs so they don’t become scrambled! It’s really very easy to do! You bake the crust on its own, prepare and cool the custard, make the whipped cream, and then assemble everything when cooled. I only make Martha Stewart’s Sweet Pie Crust for all of my pies, but you could certainly use a store bought crust and cut the prep time way down!

Coconut Creme Pie Recipe

Coconut Creme Pie

3/4 C sugar

3 eggs

2 egg yolks

4 1/2 Tbsp flour

3/4 C milk

3/4 C coconut milk

1 1/2 tsp vanilla extract

1/2 tsp coconut extract

1 1/2 C sweetened flaked coconut


2 C whipping cream

3 Tbsp sugar

1/4 tsp coconut extract

3/4 C sweetened flaked coconut

1 pie crust, baked

Whisk together first four ingredients in a medium sized bowl. Heat two milks in a saucepan over medium heat until tiny bubbles form around the edges. Slowly add to egg mixture while whisking to temper the eggs. Put combined mixture back into the saucepan and whisk constantly until thick and bubbly. Remove from heat and pour into a bowl. Stir in the extracts and coconut. Cover with plastic wrap placed right on top of the custard mixture so a ’skin’ does not form and let cool completely. Once cooled, spoon into prepared crust; cover and chill eight hours or more.

Whip the cream, coconut extract and sugar together to your preferred consistency. Fold in coconut and top the chilled pie before serving. If you like, you can sprinkle the top with toasted coconut.

And a few lightning round questions…

A favorite cookbook?

I love all of Barefoot Contessa’s cookbooks and I also love The America’s Test Kitchen Family Cookbook.

A must have item in your kitchen?

Couldn’t live without my Kitchen Aid stand mixer or my Le Creuset Dutch Oven!

A favorite local spot for sweets when you don’t feel like baking?

Gambles Bakery mini danish and crumb cake are a family fave. Silo donuts, Sweets by Marisa’s Cupcakes, and Lake George Baking Company, too!

Jen Gohn
Glens Falls Living

Thanks so much, Jen!

P.S. Another favorite from our recipe swap - blueberry crumb cake.

Have a recipe of your own you’d like to share, or a cookbook favorite that’s too good to keep to yourself? We’d love to consider it for a future feature! Send us a note here or email us at