The Weekender: July 19 - 21

Happy weekend! It’s going to be a hot one, but there’s lots to do so we’re not going to let that stop us. In addition to shopping for another air conditioner, here’s a few of our picks for the weekend:

Downtown Glens Falls, NY
Glens Falls NY

Have the best weekend!
Bri + Tom

P.S. If you’re in the mood for a daytrip this weekend, here’s a suggestion!

A Century Ago, Kind Merchant was First Glens Falls Kiwanis Club President

Charles Gelman, a long-time downtown Glens Falls dry goods merchant, used to tell a story about when he was a boy growing up poor in Hungary.

He longed for a luscious apple from a display at a fruit stand, but he didn’t have a penny to buy one.

A smiling stranger noticed Gelman, and offered to buy the child an apple if he would eat it.

“We only partly believe the legend,” a Post-Star editorial quipped at the time of Gelman’s death in 1941. “Left to his own resources, he would have somehow earned the penny to buy the apple.”

Merkel & Gelman - Glen Street, Glens Falls. Photo courtesy of    The Folklife Center at Crandall Public Library   .

Merkel & Gelman - Glen Street, Glens Falls. Photo courtesy of The Folklife Center at Crandall Public Library.


Gelman had built up a reputation for service and kindness in a quarter-of-a-century on the Glens Falls business scene, holding leadership positions at various times in about a dozen service, religious and philanthropic organizations.

“There was in the essence of his spirit the quiet, persistent urge to convert life, rather than be converted by it, to mold the years into kindness, considerateness and generosity, into the love of mankind and the will behind mankind,” the editorial stated.

A century ago, Gelman was the first president of the Glens Falls Kiwanis Club.

Max Stein, a national Kiwanis Club organizer, came to Glens Falls in August 1919, staying at the Rialto Apartments on Warren Street and setting up shop at the Elks Lodge at the corner of Glen and Ridge streets.

“It is a personal acquaintance, a friendly handshake, the weekly meetings which cause us to learn the qualities of heart and mind of our fellow members.”

It would seem these ideals fit with Gelman’s business slogan: “the store of cheerful service.”

Kiwanis, started in Detroit, had 179 clubs in United States and Canada, at the time, including clubs in Albany, Schenectady, Syracuse, Utica, Rochester and Buffalo.

Stein, the organizer, suggested a Kiwanis Club would give Glens Falls prominence.

“It is the purpose of this club to develop such a high standard of business certainty, integrity, probity (strong moral principles) that the fact that one is a member will be a badge of honor.”

By Aug. 29, Stein had recruited 18 prospective members, and he was confident of soon reaching the 50 members needed for a charter.

The current Glens Falls Kiwanis Club charter dates back to 1925.

Either the club disbanded and reorganized, or it took longer than expected to reach the 50-member mark.

On Sept. 29, 1919, the club met to elect officers and plan an initial social gathering for Oct. 2.

Gelman was elected president, Walter Shaw vice president, Fred N. Pulver, business manager of The Saratoga Sun, as secretary, and Dr. A. F. Mosher, a local physician, as treasurer.

The club held its first dinner meeting at Church of Messiah Parish Hall on Oct. 9, with Edward F. Kelly, secretary of the Schenectady Kiwanis Club, and Glens Falls acting Mayor Julius Jacobson as speakers.

“Kiwanians of the local club enjoyed a fine dinner. … It was a big gathering of good fellows and progressive business men at which there was nothing lacking in the way of enthusiasm,” The Post-Star reported.

Speakers at early luncheon meetings at the Glens Falls Y.M.C.A. on Glen Street, in the building that now houses Spot Coffee, included Rev. Charles O. Judkins, pastor of Christ Church Methodist, Rev. David Solly, pastor of First Presbyterian Church, and J. Edward Singleton, a local lawyer.

Gelman, the first president, came to Glens Falls from Troy to partner with Louis Kempner and David Merkel of Plattsburgh to purchase Goodson’s, a long-standing dry goods and clothing store in downtown Glens Falls.

Merkel & Gelman - Glen Street, Glens Falls. Photo courtesy of    The Folklife Center at Crandall Public Library   .

Merkel & Gelman - Glen Street, Glens Falls. Photo courtesy of The Folklife Center at Crandall Public Library.


“They are energetic and progressive business men with years of experience in the dry goods business,” The Post-Star reported at the time. “They believe they can make many innovations in the city which are sure to prove popular with local shoppers.”

A few years later Gelman purchased Kempner’s interest in the business, and in 1921 the name was changed to Merkel & Gelman.

In 1919, when Gelman was Kiwanis Club president, the partners had five stores in Glens Falls, Plattsburgh, Lake George, Troy and Wilmington, Del., and later grew to a chain of nine stores.

The Glens Falls store closed in 1982.

Sources: The Post-Star Feb. 10, March 5, 1917; July 23, Aug. 16, 22, Sept. 29, 30, Oct. 10, 16, 1919; April 19, 1941; Dec. 15, 2006.

Speaking of Kiwanis, their 29th annual Duck Race and Family Fun Day is coming up on July 27 - get the details here.

Glens Falls NY
Maury Thompson

Maury Thompson was a reporter for The Post-Star for 21 years before he retired in 2017. He now is a freelance writer and documentary film producer specializing in regional history. Thompson is collaborating with Snarky Aardvark Films to produce a documentary about Charles Evans Hughes and the Adirondacks, which is expected to release in 2020. See the trailer here.

My Glens Falls: Jacqui Royael

This week, we were thrilled to chat with Jacqui Royael, who we had the pleasure of connecting with through our friends at the amazing Double H Ranch. Read on to find out how she got her start at Double H, where she heads for ice cream on a summer Sunday, and a fun type of café she’d like to see downtown.

Jacqui Royael

Tell us about yourself!

I’m Jacqui Royael, Director of Operations at the Double H Ranch. My husband Scott and I are grateful, and at times weary, parents to Maya, 10 Parker, 7 and baby Nora just turned 1. When I’m not at Double H, I enjoy traveling with my family and writing about them after they fall asleep.

On Life in Glens Falls

I grew up locally in Whitehall, (Go Railroaders!) but Double H has happily kept me connected to the area. Twenty years ago, I started as a nervous camp counselor unsure of where I wanted to be in the world. As a college kid, I could have never imagined the profound impact Double H would have had on my own life and our community. After teaching Special Education, I came back to the area to begin my professional career at Double H in 2005. Seeing the difference kindness and acceptance can have in the lives of others, keeps me here every day.

My husband and I moved from Saratoga Springs to Glens Falls when our daughter, Maya was 1. We loved how close Glens Falls was to all the things we love - the mountains, our jobs, the lakes, and our family. We are now cresting on ten years in the area and what keeps us in the community is everything it has to offer. How easy it is to walk to restaurants, school, coffee shops, but also the proximity to new playgrounds or a day hike.

We loved the character of the homes in Glens Falls. Our home is over 100 years old and despite the aging roof and small bathrooms, we love the history it has and how everyone can find their own quiet little space. My favorite is time spent sitting on the porch.

I love how my neighborhood has shaped our children’s young lives. From their incredible school, Kensington Road Elementary, just a couple blocks away, to all the friends they happily go outside and play with.

My commute to work heading north into the Adirondacks is perhaps the prettiest around too.

Some Glens Falls Favorites

My favorite part of living in Glens Falls is how easy it makes enjoying the best parts of life. I wish more people knew how many opportunities it affords families. We love the Wood Theatre, especially all the wonderfully talented Broadway Upstate shows.

But probably the biggest hidden gem, would be our families. Living close to family makes life better in all ways.

A Perfect Glens Falls Day

My perfect day in Glens Falls would be spent with my family on bikes checking out all our favorite spots. Starting with coffee and bagels at Spektor - the Avocado Fresh is so good. We would stop by the Farmer’s Market on a Saturday. After wandering around the Crandall Library, we would take our books to read at Spot and maybe stop into Rude Betty.

Sushi is a family favorite, so Mikado for lunch.

Ice cream is a must at some point - we love Rob & Deb’s or if it’s Sunday in summer, Sprinkles for the jazz concert.

With Grandma babysitting, it would be a quiet dinner at Raul’s. The salmon tacos are my favorite!

On The Future

I’d love to see a boardgame café! We love playing games of all kinds and often pack one when we go out to restaurants. Makes the wait time more enjoyable for everyone! On a vacation to Toronto, we found this great restaurant that offered walls and walls of different board games.

Or maybe a bookstore or Indian food.

Glens Falls Living NY

Thanks, Jacqui! A boardgame café would be so much fun!

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Road Trip: Bolton Landing

Summer on the lake…is there anything better? One of the things we love most about living in Glens Falls is our proximity to Lake George. Within 15 minutes, we can be cruising past the steamboats on Beach Road, taking in the view. And while we love the character of Lake George Village, there’s also something special about heading further north to the charm of Bolton Landing.

Read on for a couple of our favorite spots in town, and to learn a bit more about an organization that helps to ensure our Lake is protected for us to enjoy for years to come.

Bolton Landing NY


Bear’s Cup: Newly opened this year, we couldn’t wait to try Bear’s Cup after seeing photos of their adorable space (and their coffee and bagels!). We can confirm that everything does indeed taste as amazing as it looks - and even better, it’s all made in house from scratch. We’re already planning our next ride up for more of their delicious coffee cakes - get the salted caramel…and the blueberry!


Bolton Landing Brewing Company: Another must while you’re in Bolton, we love stopping here for a cold drink after a good hike. Tom is a big fan of their IPAs (they’ve got five to choose from!) and I can never resist a glass of rosé on a summer day (and always love a brewery that also has a great selection of wines!). Bonus: their outdoor seating overlooking Lake Shore Drive is an awfully nice spot to take in the sunshine!



Hike: We’re trying to get out for some more local hikes this summer and the Lake George Land Conservancy has a slew of great trails to choose from (and might we add, they’ve done an amazing job protecting and preserving the land around the lake to provide these hiking opportunities!). The Pinnacle is a favorite of ours - a short hike with a fantastic view - and we’re also big fans of Anthony’s Nose as well as Cat and Thomas Mountains. Find the trail info here.


Cruise: The main event for a trip to “the lake” is, well, the lake itself. It’s one of the most beautiful places on Earth, right here in our backyard. Protecting our environment and the natural resources we all sometimes take for granted has always been important to us, so we were excited to be invited to an annual informational gathering held at The Sagamore and their beautiful 19th century replica touring vessel The Morgan for The Future Fund, a group formed by The Fund for Lake George for younger supporters (college students, young professionals and families, etc.) intended to inform and engage the next generation of protectors of Lake George. 

The Morgan Lake George, NY

It was a beautiful night of hearing directly from the world class scientists and leadership who are furthering the mission of The Fund to “stop the present decline of water quality and achieve sustained protection of Lake George for the next generation.” We were introduced to the amazing scientists, leadership, and high-tech tools and monitoring equipment that are actively furthering the long-term scientific research, advocacy, partnerships, and investment necessary to keep our great resource happy and healthy for generations to come. Simply put, without the efforts of this organization and its supporters, Lake George would not be the pristine destination we all know and love today. 


Partnering with technological powerhouses RPI and IBM, The Jefferson Project has not only made Lake George the most intelligent lake on the planet, but is serving as a world wide model for fresh water protection and preservation. That’s pretty special. To learn more about how you can invest in the future of Lake George and the future of preservation of fresh water lakes everywhere, you can find more information here.

Pictured: Brian Mattes of RPI; Harry Kolar, PhD, of IBM; and Rick Relyea, PhD, of RPI . Photo courtesy of Brian Mattes.

Pictured: Brian Mattes of RPI; Harry Kolar, PhD, of IBM; and Rick Relyea, PhD, of RPI. Photo courtesy of Brian Mattes.


By the way, did you know that you don’t have to stay at The Sagamore to head out for a cruise on The Morgan?! They have daily sightseeing cruises and they’re also doing a series of wine pairing cruises this summer. Sign us up!


Black Bass Antiques and Lakeview Antiques: What’s a little road trip without a stop for a couple of treasures? We can’t resist a good antique shop, and Bolton has a couple of our favorites. We especially love peeking through the local nostalgia in both shops - from postcards, to old photos and pennants, you could easily spend the afternoon. And, we often do!


We’d love to know some of your Bolton favorites (leave them in the comments below!), and you can see more Glens Falls area road trips here.

Glens Falls NY Living

*This post was in partnership with The FUND for Lake George, an organization that protects the lake that is near and dear to our hearts. Thank you for supporting the businesses and organizations that support Glens Falls Living.

The Weekender: July 12 - 14

Happy weekend! We’re psyched to see some nice weather in the forecast this weekend and are looking forward to finishing up a couple of projects around the house, spending some time downtown, and heading out for a ride or two in the Wagoneer. Here’s a few other things on our radar this weekend:

City Park Crandall Library Glens Falls NY
Glens Falls Living NY

Have the best weekend!
Bri + Tom

P.S. If you’re looking for more to do this month, check out these Five Shows to See in July here.

My Glens Falls: Christian Weber

This week, we caught up with Christian Weber, who you’ll likely recognize as the co-founder of local favorite Common Roots Brewing Company. While he grew up in the area, we were interested to find out what brought him back to Glens Falls, what he’s up to when he’s not at the brewery, and a pretty cool idea he’d like to see added downtown.

Christian Weber Common Roots Brewing Company

Tell us about yourself!

Hi, I’m Christian Weber and I am the President, Co-Founder, and Head Brewer at Common Roots Brewing Company.

I grew up in Lake George, spending most of my time on the water. After high school I went for Undergrad and Graduate school in NH where I received a BS in Ecology and an MS in Environmental Science. After working at a few breweries I slowly made my way back to this area, via Lake Placid where I was the Executive Director of the Lake Placid Land Conservancy, and I am now happily settled in Glens Falls. 

On Life in Glens Falls

I’ve lived in Glens Falls for two years now, and apparently time flies when you’re having fun! I wasn’t sure where I would end up settling down but walkability was important to me, and Glens Falls definitely came through on that. The beautiful downtown, parks, and amenities also drew me in and the short commute over the bridge to the brewery didn’t hurt!

I own an old home near Crandall Park. It was definitely a fixer upper but it has great bones and a lot of character. I love the proximity to the park, Cole’s Woods, and downtown. You really can’t beat the location!

The amenities are what attracted me to Glens Falls. The parks, West Mountain, the vibrant downtown, theaters, access to the bike trail and Feeder Dam trail, and an arena- we really have it all. However, now that I’ve lived here for 2 years I can honestly say the people are my favorite part. The community is what makes Glens Falls such a great place.

A Perfect Glens Falls Day

This is tough because we have so many great options. 

For breakfast and coffee it’s a toss up between Spot and Spektor. Both are walkable from home and are a great way to start the day.

Although I’m more of a summer guy, one of my favorite activities is being able to get a few runs in at West Mountain after work and still be home for dinner. I’ve lived in a couple more notable ski towns that don’t even have the easy access to a mountain like we do. 

For date night, there are so many places that support Common Roots that it’s always hard to choose where to go, but Melanie and I love making the rounds, visiting our friends, and grabbing a beer.

On the Past

Growing up I played hockey and it was always a treat to go to a Red Wings game with my family. I’m happy that hockey is still a part of our town culture today.

On the Future

Although I meant it before when I said Glens Falls really has it all, and Grey Ghost Bicycles has done an incredible job making sure our residents have access to bikes, it would be great to have a bike share program to get around town.

Glens Falls Living

Thanks, Christian! Cheers!

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Road Trip: Open Studios Tour

Have you ever been on the Open Studios Tour in Washington County? It’s coming up July 19 - 21, and after the little sneak peek we had this past week, we couldn’t be more excited to venture out on the full tour. Cruising the back roads of the county past beautiful old farmhouses and barns, exploring historic and charming towns, and meeting the most creative, talented, and kind artists - each in their own studio - is an ideal day in our book. Read on for just a small sampling of what you can expect on the self-guided tour, and plan to experience it for yourself in just a couple of short weeks!

Washington County Open Studios Tour

The Artists

The Tour features 15 artists who work across a variety of mediums - painting, clay, sculpture, photography, and more! Below are just a few of the artists who will be featured on the tour, and you can find the full details here.

Gyula Varosy | Greenwich: We were delighted to meet Gyula and his wife Hannie (and their dogs!) at their studio - a restored barn in Greenwich. Trained as an architect, Gyula found himself pursuing art alongside his work in New York City, and moved north with his family in order to focus further on his art. He noted his inspiration comes from anywhere and everywhere, but the focus is ultimately on form. Pulling from his background in architecture, his sculpture is a constructive and additive process. And, he joked, much like life - the process is not predictable or linear, and comes with many changes along the way. Don’t leave without taking a stroll on the trail around their property and enjoying the barn, the woods, and the stream!

Gyula Varosy Washington County Open Studio Tour

Jacob Houston | Greenwich: Having just missed Jacob’s show at The Hyde recently, we were doubly thrilled to meet him at his home to view his gorgeous acrylic paintings on display there. Jacob’s paintings are almost like a dream, with vivid colors and intricate details, and we found our eyes being pulled into each corner of the painting to discover more of the story within. His paintings take anywhere from 1.5 months to about 5 months (!) depending on the size, and with that time commitment, it was easy to understand why he has a few favorite originals that he just can’t part with (but you can buy prints here!). We were immediately drawn to the painting of Nubble Light (where Tom proposed!), and loved the whimsical and fun take on such an iconic landmark.

Jacob Houston Open Studio Tour Washington County NY

Rebecca Sparks | Shushan: With her studio steps from the Battenkill River (and her beautiful gardens!), it wasn’t hard to see where Rebecca gets her inspiration from. In fact, it was the crows getting together for their morning “coffee chats” on her lawn that inspired her to start creating her ceramic birds (which by the way, start as an “egg” of clay - how fitting!). She’s been working with clay for over 20 years, and it was fun to see the evolution of her creations in her studio - from the slip casting molds to the finished birds, and from the carving to the patterns on her tableware (especially loved her blue glazes!).

Rebecca Sparks Open Studio Tour Washington County

Leslie Peck | Greenwich: We’ve long admired Leslie’s gorgeous paintings of the farm animals of Washington County (those cows!), and we were excited to finally see them in person, along with her new series featuring taxidermy subjects. Like many other artists along the tour, Leslie has made her studio in a converted barn behind their home in the village of Greenwich - an area which provides an endless amount of inspiration in the way of farms, barns, and animals. We loved the bold colors in her paintings, along with the life and personality in her subjects. Yes, she does commissions, and we both left knowing we’d love to have her to paint our dogs some day.

Leslie Peck Open Studio Tour Washington County

Clarence King | Cambridge: As admirers of landscape paintings, we were instant fans of Clarence’s work. We were also instant fans of his 1700’s colonial that he and his wife are restoring room-by-room, but that’s a story for a different day :) Rather than working as a plein air painter, Clarence works from a drawing done on site, along with a photo, and adds paint back in studio - up to 4 thin coats - which helps to give his paintings that vibrance and luminosity that is so striking. The beautiful views and changing seasons of Washington County provide him inspiration, and we love the contrast in colors between his summer landscapes lush with green to the crisp whites of his winter scenes.

Clarence King Open Studio Tour Washington County

Where to Eat + Drink

It wouldn’t be a road trip without stopping for a bite to eat along the way. Even if half of our stops were just for cookies ;) Here’s a few of the many great places to grab a snack or sip…

Greenwich Village Cafe + Bakery | Greenwich: Tucked just off Main Street, we popped into the adorable Village Cafe to grab a few cookies (so good!) as a quick snack. They’ve got the perfect patio to enjoy breakfast or lunch (or cookies!) outside, but we opted to take ours to go as we were eager to get to our next stop. Can’t wait to visit here again to try their breakfast!


Round House Bakery Cafe | Cambridge: Always a favorite stop in Cambridge, this was the perfect spot to grab lunch between artist visits. Reminiscent of an old general store, we love the ambience inside and always gravitate toward the counter to enjoy our sandwiches (our go-to: the Mediterranean). And don’t leave without a cookie - or two! We love the Ginger Spice, and you can never go wrong with their traditional chocolate chip.


Argyle Brewing Co. | Cambridge: Our first time here (and definitely not our last!). We couldn’t get over the uniqueness of the space (an old train depot!), and it was fun to imagine it bustling back in the day - and to see it bustling again as a tasting room! Tom was a big fan of the Hop to It IPA (which came highly recommended from a gentleman at the bar who proclaimed himself the president of the Hop to It fan club! :), and as a big cider fan, I was thrilled to see a couple of local options - Slyboro and Saratoga Apple. The perfect stop for a cold beverage on a hot day.


Gardenworks Cheese + Cafe | Salem: Another favorite of ours, we find our way out to Gardenworks whenever we can - especially in the summer for their Cheese + Cafe! Situated amongst the flowers in front of their gorgeous barn, this was the ideal spot to end the day. We opted for a panini and a slice of quiche (both amazing!), and went with local favorites to sip on - a can of beer from R.S. Taylor and a glass of wine from Victory View Vineyard. Don’t leave before perusing the shop, taking a peek in the barn gallery, and picking some blueberries (they should be ready next week!).


See you on the Tour! Grab all of the details on artists and locations here.

P.S. We just heard about an amazing Farm to Table dinner happening at Lakota’s Farm in Cambridge on Friday, July 19th! Gorgeous setting, local craft beer and cider, and a delicious menu - grab your tickets here before they sell out!

Glens Falls Living

*This post was in partnership with our friends at Washington County NY Tourism. We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to share some of our favorite places in the county with you. Thank you for supporting the businesses and organizations that support Glens Falls Living.

Five Shows to See in July

July is the time when Glens Falls truly earns its distinction as “Hometown USA”! With the Glens Falls Symphony and fireworks at Crandall Park on the 3rd, ATF shows at The Wood, Monday night Glens Falls City Band in the City Park gazebo, Wednesday Take a Bite downtown, Thursday night music and food trucks at The Shirt Factory, and Friday night movies in City Park, the city comes to life! As it gets hotter out, it will be a nice relief to step inside to cool off! Here are some of my picks to put on your calendar this month.

Glens Falls City Park

July 7 • Charles Cornell Album Release Party • The Strand, Hudson Falls

Charles Cornell is an internet sensation for his really fun short musical parodies and he’s a great jazz-fusion pianist. It will be very fun to see him at The Strand! Grab your tickets here.

July 9 • “Section 130” Book Reading • Katrinka Mannelly • Crandall Public Library

Just thrilled to support my sister-in-law (Jim’s sister) as she travels around the country from Tacoma, WA with her book of short stories about Bigfoot, faeries, demons, sirens and other supernatural beings. I’m loving this book and I know her reading will be magical! Here are the details!

July 11 - August 31 • Hound of the Baskervilles • Lake George Dinner Theatre

Looking forward to seeing this play and enjoying dinner at the same time! I remember reading the book in high school and just loving the Sherlock Holmes story (luckily I forget how it ends). The Lake George Dinner Theatre is “the most intimate dinner theatre in America” and has been putting on shows for nearly 50 years - I can’t wait to go check it out! Find out more info here.

July 22 • Glens Falls Music Academy Drum Corps • East Field

I’ll admit I’m not a big football fan, but I have always loved halftime with the marching bands and drum corps! Here’s a way to see some of the best drum corps in the country (without having to sit through a football game). I’ll be at East Field in Glens Falls to enjoy “Marching Music’s Major League”, a unique and exciting opportunity! Get the details here.

 July 26 and 27 • GEM Fest • Downtown Glens Falls

Glens Falls Entertainment & Music Festival (GEM Fest) keeps getting bigger and better every year! This year it’s now two days and Glen Street in downtown will be closed off for part of the event. Bands from throughout the region perform in downtown venues, gallery spaces feature work from local artists, The Park Theater hosts Short Stuff production, live comedy and a Film Festival, GEMbouree for kids is in City Park and the streets come alive with art and music. This is going to be a very fun weekend! Here are all the details!

Glens Falls NY
Susan Siplon

Susan Siplon is a singer, actor, artist and arts enthusiast who has been both on the stage and behind the scenes as a producer, festival director and venue manager. Susan recently moved to Glens Falls after living all over the country and in Fiji and New Zealand and has found the arts scene in this area to be one of the most vibrant and easily accessible that she has ever experienced.

The Weekender: July 5 - July 7

Happy 4th of July! And happy weekend! Hope you’re taking a long weekend to celebrate with family, friends, food, and some fireworks.

In addition to consoling our dogs during the aforementioned fireworks, here’s what we’re hoping to get to this weekend:

Glens Falls NY Things to Do
airmail line.png

Have a great weekend and Happy 4th!
Bri + Tom

P.S. In case you missed it, we chatted with Kayla Sehlmeyer in this week’s My Glens Falls - read it here.

P.P.S. We talked with Charles Cornell after he went viral back in May (read it here), and he’s playing at The Strand this weekend! Grab tickets here.

My Glens Falls: Kayla Sehlmeyer

This week, we’re catching up with Kayla Sehlmeyer (who many of you probably know from Yoga Kayla!). Read on to find out where she loves to start her day, the super exciting celebration she’s looking forward to next month (congratulations!!), and what she’d like to see added downtown (we agree!).

My Glens Falls Yoga Kayla

Tell Us About Yourself!

I’m Kayla Sehlmeyer, Owner of Yoga Kayla. I teach breathing for a living :) In all seriousness my love and passion for what I do is deep rooted. I practice wholeheartedly what I teach....

There is great saying about Yoga: "It teaches us to cure what need not to be endured and endure what cannot be cured." B.K. Iyengar 

I have two boys Ryan 9 and John 11. I have a beautiful fiance Megan, whom I get to marry in 65 days from today :) Our first date was in City Park right outside the Library :) 

On Life in Glens Falls

I grew up in this area and have been here my entire life. I love love love Glens Falls and the surrounding areas and the Adirondacks. I have been downtown for over 5 years now and to watch this community grow, evolve, and flourish is nothing short of freaking amazing.

A Perfect Glens Falls Day

Ahh my ideal day in Glens Falls would be waking up, coffee in hand of course, and heading to one of Sara's early morning classes that we hold outside in the Gazebo during summer months. It's truly amazing to wake up with the city as it wakes up. The birds chirping, the sound of the cars, literally the city slowly moving into its hustle and bustle of the day ahead. I would then head to Spektor Coffee (clearly addicted lol)...grab a book and pop a squat. As the day starts to rise I would venture out for a morning workout at ADK Crossfit, followed by some delicious smoothies at Juicin Jar which I am sure would ensue that I meet up with my future wife and our boys..they love the Juice Monkey... It truly is such a remarkable community downtown. We would then head over to Minky Mink for a little shopping of course and probably an outfit for date night :) We would then head over to Crandall Park for some fishing, playing basketball, and maybe some tennis. After we work up an appetite, we’d grab some lunch at Raul's....mmmm they have some amazing Mexican food. We would take the afternoon biking on the bike path and cruising around. Most definitely the evening would have a date night with my love at Morgan and Co. or Farmacy...such great choices....maybe a little stroll after dinner around the park and end the evening with some star gazing and taking in the city lights.

On the Past

St. Mary's St. Alphonsus is always a memory. It is where I started my education and went there for several years to follow. The roots I have around this community have always made it feel like home...the little Hometown USA....yes indeed that is exactly what it is for me!

On the Future

Grocery Store!!! I would love to have a grocery store within walking distance for downtown businesses and residents to shop at! I would also love a parking garage - preferably where the public parking is right behind the studio or even on Elm St.

Anything else?

SO excited about all the growth and development happening in downtown Glens Falls right now!!!! The new projected farmers market looks amazing!!!!!


Thanks, Kayla! Wishing you and Megan all the best!! And we totally agree about the grocery store, by the way :)

P.S. Check out more of our My Glens Falls series here.

The Weekender: June 28 - 30

Happy weekend! It’s finally starting to feel like summer around here - the kids are out of school, the ice cream truck making it’s way around the neighborhood, and we’re finding ourselves out on the back porch most nights.

In addition to shopping for yet another air conditioner for this old house, here’s what’s up this weekend:

Glens Falls NY - Glens Falls Living
Glens Falls Living NY

Have a great weekend! Thanks for reading.
Bri + Tom

P.S. In case you missed it, we chatted with Maury Thompson in this week’s My Glens Falls here.

My Glens Falls: Maury Thompson

This week, we’re chatting with Maury Thompson. For loyal readers of The Post Star, he likely needs no introduction as one of their reporters for 21 years. We were thrilled to learn a bit more about him, including what brought him to Glens Falls, what his perfect Glens Falls day looks like, and what he’s currently working on.

Maury Thompson

Tell us about yourself!

Maury Thompson, freelance writer and documentary film producer specializing in the history of politics, labor organizing and media in New York’s North Country.

I am partnering with Snarky Aardvark Films of Queensbury on a feature-length documentary about Charles Evans Hughes and the Adirondacks. Release is expected in 2020 (see the trailer here).

I have written two books, “The Biggest Kid at the Balloon Festival: The Walter Grishkot Story,” and “The Animated Feather Duster: Slow News Day Tales of the Legendary Facial Hair of Charles Evans Hughes.” Both are available at The Chapman Historical Museum gift shop.

I previously was a reporter for 21 years for The Post-Star.

I covered 12 area congressional races.

On Life in Glens Falls

I came to Glens Falls from Ticonderoga in July 1999 to accept a staff writer position at The Post-Star. I previously had been a freelance correspondent in Essex County for a little over three years.

I originally expected to stay a year to 18 months, but stayed for nearly two decades.

It didn’t take long for Glens Falls to feel like home.

I like to say that in college I majored in English, and in life I majored in Glens Falls.

My wife, Debbie, and I recently moved to Ticonderoga to spend more time with my 12 grandchildren.

But I still major in Glens Falls – writing about its history, people and economic development.

A Perfect Glens Falls Day

On a perfect day in Glens Falls I would spend a Thursday afternoon researching at The Folklife Center at Crandall Public Library, catch supper at a downtown restaurant, and then come back to the library for a folk music concert.

On The Past

Trying to pick a favorite memory is like trying to pick a favorite flavor of ice cream at Stewart’s. I will settle for a memory from my first weekend in Glens Falls – attending Adirondack Drums at East Field.

Adirondack Drums was an annual drum and bugle corps show that Fort Edward Lions Club presented at East Field for many years starting in the 1970s.

Many of the top youth music and marching units on the summer circuit stopped in Glens Falls.

Glens Falls Music Academy brought the event back last summer.

…And On the Future

The biggest change in downtown Glens Falls is its vibrancy. When I first moved here in 1999 there was little activity in downtown on evenings and weekends unless there was an event at the Civic Center. On Sunday afternoons I would have to walk across the bridge to South Glens Falls to find a restaurant, other than Burger King, that was open.

The consistency between now, then and a century ago is the community spirit.

My hope for the future is prosperity for all Glens Falls businesses.

Glens Falls Living NY

Thanks, Maury! We couldn’t agree more about the wonderful community spirit here.

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The Weekender: June 21 - 23

Happy weekend and happy first day of summer tomorrow! After yet another day of rain, we’re psyched to see sunshine in the forecast this weekend, so here’s what we’re hoping to squeeze in after we finish some projects around the house:

Coopers Cave Ice Cream Glens Falls NY
Glens Falls NY Living

Have the best weekend!
Bri + Tom

P.S. In this week’s Back in the Day, we shared a little history on the first Glens Falls food trucks here.

From Humble Beginnings to Mainstream American Culture - The Incredible Journey of the Lunch Wagon

In recent years, food trucks have been all the rage. Turn on the Food Network or The Travel Channel with any frequency and you’re bound to come across a show about them. While the idea of food trucks may seem pretty novel, the concept is one that goes back over a century. During the boom of the manufacturing age in the late 19th century, factory workers needed hearty, affordable meals at all hours of the day. To answer the demand, small wagons were converted into moveable restaurants. The “lunch wagon” was born.

Courtesy of    The Chapman Museum   , from the 1897-98 Glens Falls Business Directory.

Courtesy of The Chapman Museum, from the 1897-98 Glens Falls Business Directory.


The very first lunch wagon is credited to Walter Scott in 1872, Providence, Rhode Island. But did you realize that Glens Falls played a part in this early food revolution? In 1897, Albert Closson of Glens Falls, built his first lunch wagon. Closson named his wagon the “Crystal Palace” and from 1895-1900 it was located on Fountain Square (the site of the roundabout today). By 1905, he had patented his design and went into full production at his home on Second St. Numerous local lunch wagons were of his design, including two in Whitehall and two in Glens Falls, the “Kenmore” and the “Ondawa”.

Courtesy of    The Chapman Museum   , from the 1916 Glens Falls Business Directory.

Courtesy of The Chapman Museum, from the 1916 Glens Falls Business Directory.


During his years in business, Closson built approximately 50 wagons. In 1912, he sold his patent and formed a stock company called The Closson Wagon Company. The newly organized firm relocated to Westfield, NY. Though officially retired, Closson maintained stock in the company and seemed to stay involved by acting as a consultant and making sales trips. Unfortunately, the company went bankrupt in 1916.

Between 1895 and 1930, there were collectively at least 14 lunch wagons in use throughout Glens Falls. They could be found on South St., Park St., Warren, Ridge and even Glenwood Ave.

One story of an early Ward and Dickinson lunch wagon is particularly amazing. A 1927 version that was in use here in Glens Falls, was purchased by Will and Grace Tario in 1932. The couple had it moved to Port Henry via rail car to Ticonderoga and then pulled by horse team the rest of the way. It reopened on Labor Day in 1933. Remarkably, this lunch wagon is still in operation! It is known today as Foote’s Port Henry Diner, and has been recognized for its historical significance. In 2000, it won an Adirondack Architectural Heritage Award. Many of the original features are intact, including the wooden wheels, marble counter tops and wooden cabinetry.

So, the next time you want to have a meal with a side of history, check out Foote’s Port Henry Diner. It’s definitely a bucket-list worthy adventure, and a tasty one at that.

Glens Falls NY Living
Jillian Mulder, Chapman Museum, Glens Falls NY

Jillian Mulder has been the curator at the Chapman Historical Museum for the past eleven years. She had previously worked for the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation at the Crown Point State Historic Site. Her background is in both the fine arts and history. Jillian enjoys photographing old advertising signage and visiting diners, movie theaters, and roadside attractions (and documenting them on her Instagram account @followthebreadcrumbs2). She is passionate about documenting America’s cultural landscape before it vanishes; and wishes she could earn a living by taste testing ice cream at every stand from Upstate New York to New England.

My Glens Falls: Christopher Perilli

This week, we’re talking with Patrol Officer Christopher Perilli of the Glens Falls Police Department. We crossed paths with Officer Perilli at Pet Fest last month, and loved getting the chance to meet his K-9 partner, Phlash! Read on to find out what inspired him to become a police officer, a few of his downtown favorites, and a word of advice on dog training.

Glens Falls Police Department K-9 Officer

Tell us about yourself!

My name is Christopher Perilli, Patrol Officer / K-9 Handler with the Glens Falls Police Dept. I live with my girlfriend, 4 dogs and 1 cat.

What inspired you to become a police officer?

Growing up on Long Island when I was young, my twin brother picked the phone up and called 911 and hung up. Two Nassau County police officers came with their lights on and I thought it was the coolest thing. 

What do you enjoy the most about your job?

I enjoy working with my K-9 partner Phlash and being able to demonstrate to people how Phlash works and his capabilities. 

Tell us a bit about Phlash!

Phlash is an 8 year old black lab. His birthday is April 21st and his favorite treats are bacon treats. He lives with me along with 3 other dogs. 

How long was training to become a K-9? And we must know, any dog training tips?!

Phlash and I went to a K-9 school for 6 months. I’ve always told people that you can get a dog to do anything with dog treats. Just make sure you keep practicing it and when the dog does what you want him to do, make sure you praise him or her and reward them with a treat! 

Anything else you’d like to share about Phlash?

I would want people to know that not all police K-9s are mean. A lot of people are afraid of the K-9 but Phlash is a non aggressive detection dog. 

On Life in Glens Falls

I grew up in Queensbury mostly, but spent a lot of time in Glens Falls with friends. I’ve been in the Queensbury/Glens Falls area since I was about 8 years old. I would say my favorite thing about Glens Falls is the different restaurants and coffee spots downtown. I especially enjoy Downtown City Tavern, Bullpen Tavern, Mean Max, Mikado and Spot Coffee. 

A Perfect Glens Falls Day

My ideal day in the city would be dinner at Downtown City Tavern and catching a hockey game at the CIA or a baseball game at East Field, and then a night cap at the Bullpen Tavern. 

On the Past

Pet Fest and Taste of the North Country are always a favorite of mine but I’ve always enjoyed Boo 2 You in the City and handing out candy to the children in their costumes. 

…And On the Future

Would love to see more parking spots!

The Weekender: June 14 - 16

Happy (almost) Friday! It’s one of our favorite weekends of the year in Glens Falls with one of the biggest events of the year happening downtown (and the weather might even cooperate!). There’s a lot we’re hoping to fit in this weekend, so let’s get to it!

Glens Falls Things to Do
Glens Falls NY

Have a great weekend, and Happy Father’s Day!

P.S. Looking for a last minute gift for dad? Check out our local gift guide here.

First Look: New Menu at Park 26

Now that summer weather has arrived (finally!), we can’t get enough of patio dining downtown. Lucky for us, Park 26 at The Queensbury Hotel has a great spot overlooking City Park. When we heard about the new menu put together by Chef Colin Miner, who recently joined the team at Park 26, we were even more excited for an evening on their pretty patio.

Park Patio - Park 26 - The Queensbury Hotel

We settled into a table overlooking the gazebo in the park across the street, one of our favorite Glens Falls views. In addition to the tables, Park 26 also has a couple of cozy couches (with fire pits!), which we made a mental note to snatch up the second that they came available :)


The service at The Q is always fantastic, and this night was no exception. Everyone was so sweet, especially our waitress, who cheered on our every menu choice and had us even more excited for our meals to arrive.

We loved all of the special touches Park 26 offers while dining with them - a little snack to start the meal, warm rolls with an assortment of butter - made in house (traditional, herb, and mushroom), and an intermezzo between courses (Rosé and lime sorbet!). All of these rotate weekly to keep things fresh and seasonal.


It’s tough to play favorites, especially when everything was amazing, but it’s hard to beat (no pun intended) how gorgeous and delicious the Beets and Citrus was. First, the colors! It was almost too pretty to eat. The ricotta and the orange supremes were so light and perfect for a summer meal. And, we’re still thinking about their twist on a traditional Bruschetta - the Burrata and Tomato. The crumbles on top instead of it being served on a crostini were a total game-changer, and we can’t wait to go back for more.


Did we already declare favorites? We take that back, because the entrées were fabulous. Their vegetarian option, the Cavatelli, was amazing - the perfect light summer pasta, and Tom couldn’t say enough good things about the Scallop and Dill (and again, look at the beautiful presentation and colors!).


Once the sun started to set, the fireplace was flipped on and we started thinking dessert. Their take on Crème Brulée was a trip down memory lane, with the Cap’n Crunch creme (that tasted like cereal milk!), the fruity pebbles, and the dehydrated strawberries that tasted like the fruit roll-up your mom packed in your lunch box when you were a kid. Perfection! And we couldn’t leave without trying the Baked Alaska, with the house made graham cracker and coconut snow - each element delicious on it’s own and an amazing mix when put together.

Colin Miner, Chef de Cuisine

Colin Miner, Chef de Cuisine


Until next time, Park 26! Save us a seat on the sofa! :)

Glens Falls NY - Glens Falls Living

P.S. In case you missed it, a first look at another new outdoor dining option downtown here.

My Glens Falls: Rachael Leigh Rodenmayer

This week, we’re chatting with Rachael Leigh! You’ve probably seen her gorgeous portrait photography on Instagram (we’ve been following along for a few years now!), and we always love running into Rachael and her husband walking their sweet pups around the neighborhood. Read on to find out how she got her start in photography, her favorite spots for rainy day fun, and the fabulous ideas she’d like to see come to life in Glens Falls in the future!

Rachael Leigh Rodenmayer

Tell us about yourself!

Hiya! My name is Rachael Leigh Rodenmayer & I am the owner & artist behind {ser.en.dip.iti} photography & certified aerial yoga instructor at {ser.en.dip.iti} fit. I rebuilt my business headquarters in Upstate NY after moving from my hometown in Colorado almost 12 years ago and have been blessed to create adventures in the #518 and all around the world, from the United Kingdom to Australia!

How did you get your start in photography? What do you love about it?

I absolutely adore photographing people and have since I was a teenager. After interning for a professional photography duo, I began my own business at 18 years of age and over the years, have found my absolute passion photographing custom senior portrait adventures for upcoming high school graduates #serendipitiseniors. I've just begun expanding into lifestyle photography for social media content shoots. Creating with business women in the area with #serendipitisubscribe is so much fun for me.  I love coming along side these awesome entrepreneurs to capture them doing life & building their own passions! 

As dog people ourselves, we couldn't let the opportunity to ask about your dogs pass us by! Tell us about them!

You had me at "dog people" and now you wont be able to shut me up about my fur babies ;) My boys are Ace & Booker and they are my world. Ace is a tripawd rescue and Booker is a Bernese Mountain Dog. When I'm not shooting or teaching aerial yoga, you can find us at the dog park or going on an adventure in the woods or lakeside. I love them sooo much & you can find them on insta @brosbookerandace (shameless plug). 

On Life in Glens Falls

My best friend i.e. husband and I live in a sweet yellow & white home in the city of Glens Falls and the minute we set foot in it we both looked at each other and said "this is it!"

A Perfect Glens Falls Day

My absolute favorite places in Glens Falls:

Walking our fur babies: Crandall Park

Fashion & Beauty: Beauty Bubble - from affordable fashion trends, accessories & gifts to facials & eyelash tinting

Smoothies & Healthy Fare: Juicin Jar is where it's at, also their fresh guacamole is my favorite!

Date night: [farmacy] just blew our gotta try it!

Coffee in a cool atmosphere: Spektor Coffee Roasters is always top notch!

Rainy day fun: The Hyde Collection and Crandall Library

For sushi & thai (my favorite food on the planet): Aroydee - try the black & white roll or the pad thai or mango curry!

On the Past

Downtown charm at its finest, my earliest glimpse was after eating dinner out with Wade one summer night. As we began to walk home, we heard lively jazz music streaming from the city park and realized that a Big Band was playing live in the gazebo in the moonlight, we wandered over and danced to a couple songs under the starry sky & sparkle lights. I remember thinking "we've moved to Stars Hollow!"

…And On the Future

I would love to see a dueling piano bar, a dog bark & brew (indoor/outdoor dog park bar) & a natural grocery store like healthy living!

Glens Falls NY Living

Thanks so much, Rachael! We’re totally on board with that bark and brew idea!!

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Father's Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is sneaking up fast, and we’re rounding up just a handful of ideas that would make a perfect gift. That said, half the fun is strolling the shops downtown and in The Shirt Factory to find that special something on your own, so happy shopping!

Glens Falls NY


We’re awfully lucky to have lots of great options for those dads that love a cold beverage on a hot summer afternoon. Here’s a few to keep in mind:

Mean Max: Whether it’s a growler or a gift card to enjoy a pint on their newly opened patio on Glen Street, this will be a sure win.

Common Roots: Pick up a four pack and tie it with a bow, or grab a gift card to enjoy a round in their awesome temporary taproom just over the bridge in South Glens Falls.


Coopers Cave Ale: A gift certificate for a bike ride and a couple of brewskis (followed by an ice cream, perhaps?) sounds like the recipe for a perfect gift.

Davidson Brothers: Last but not least, grab him a growler, or bring him out for lunch and a couple of brews on their patio.



Because the last thing he needs is more “stuff”…

For the Active Dad: Head out hiking (Anthony’s Nose or The Pinnacle are nice shorter hikes for kiddos), or make a plan to head to West Mountain’s new Aerial Adventure Park after it opens July 1. Grab him a gift certificate for a round of golf at any of the local courses, or make it a family event with a round of mini golf.

Lake George Hiking

For the Dad that Loves Eating Out: Make a reservation for Father’s Day lunch or dinner (Raul’s? Downtown City Tavern? Fenimore’s?), or snag a gift card to his downtown favorite (Morgan and Co., [farmacy] or Spot Coffee, maybe?).

Where to Eat Glens Falls NY

For the Dad that Loves a Great Show: Perfect timing, since the Adirondack Theatre Festival is just kicking off, and The Park Theater and Cool Insuring Arena have some fun shows coming up as well.

Glens Falls NY Wood Theater


A Card: You just can’t beat a handwritten note telling him all the reasons you’re thankful for him. These cards from Rude Betty are a great place to start.

A Mug: Rude Betty has an awesome assortment of mugs, and we think he’d love just about anything from the Gentlemen’s Hardware line they have in stock. The games they have by the door as you come in would be a sure bet, too!


Toolbox (and spices for grilling!): You can’t go wrong with a custom spice tool kit from Rachel’s Cafe & Spice Company! A blue Kobalt toolbox just so happens to perfectly fit 7 bottles of spices from Rachel’s, and it’s perfect to tote around for backyard cookouts this summer.

Backyard Shirt: Affectionately known at our house as backyard shirts, these button down plaid shirts from Fountain Square Outfitters are a summer staple. They have a great selection of styles and colors - just add Darn Tough socks to complete the gift!


Anything from LARAC: Finding a great gift just got way easier since LARAC is this weekend! Browse over 150 booths featuring everything from food to fine art. Or even better, make the experience itself a gift and bring him along for a little browsing and a lot of snacking from the food vendors.

Okay, maybe just a couple more ideas: a hometown themed pint glass from Adirondack Etching, a box of Darling Doughnuts, or some bagels from Alchemy Bagel Cafe (they’ll both be at MinkyMink on Saturday).

Glens Falls NY

That’s it! Just a small sampling of gift ideas you can grab right here in the city - and bonus - you don’t have to worry about it getting lost in the mail. Total win.

Happiest Father’s Day to all the Dads, soon to be Dads, someday Dads, dog and cat Dads, and all the special guys in between.

The Weekender: June 7 - 9

Happy weekend! It’s supposed to be a gorgeous one, and we’re thinking it’s high time we trade our pansies for geraniums on the porch, and maybe get around to planting some veggies out back. Here’s what else looks good this weekend:

Glens Falls NY
Glens Falls NY

Have a great weekend, and thanks for reading!
Bri + Tom

P.S. Check out five shows to see this month here.

P.P.S. If you’re a runner (or walker!), a couple of 5Ks to check out this weekend: the Aloha Family 5K benefitting Amanda’s House at Glens Falls Hospital, and the River Run for the Roots, benefitting Common Roots.