My Glens Falls: Christian Weber

This week, we caught up with Christian Weber, who you’ll likely recognize as the co-founder of local favorite Common Roots Brewing Company. While he grew up in the area, we were interested to find out what brought him back to Glens Falls, what he’s up to when he’s not at the brewery, and a pretty cool idea he’d like to see added downtown.

Christian Weber Common Roots Brewing Company

Tell us about yourself!

Hi, I’m Christian Weber and I am the President, Co-Founder, and Head Brewer at Common Roots Brewing Company.

I grew up in Lake George, spending most of my time on the water. After high school I went for Undergrad and Graduate school in NH where I received a BS in Ecology and an MS in Environmental Science. After working at a few breweries I slowly made my way back to this area, via Lake Placid where I was the Executive Director of the Lake Placid Land Conservancy, and I am now happily settled in Glens Falls. 

On Life in Glens Falls

I’ve lived in Glens Falls for two years now, and apparently time flies when you’re having fun! I wasn’t sure where I would end up settling down but walkability was important to me, and Glens Falls definitely came through on that. The beautiful downtown, parks, and amenities also drew me in and the short commute over the bridge to the brewery didn’t hurt!

I own an old home near Crandall Park. It was definitely a fixer upper but it has great bones and a lot of character. I love the proximity to the park, Cole’s Woods, and downtown. You really can’t beat the location!

The amenities are what attracted me to Glens Falls. The parks, West Mountain, the vibrant downtown, theaters, access to the bike trail and Feeder Dam trail, and an arena- we really have it all. However, now that I’ve lived here for 2 years I can honestly say the people are my favorite part. The community is what makes Glens Falls such a great place.

A Perfect Glens Falls Day

This is tough because we have so many great options. 

For breakfast and coffee it’s a toss up between Spot and Spektor. Both are walkable from home and are a great way to start the day.

Although I’m more of a summer guy, one of my favorite activities is being able to get a few runs in at West Mountain after work and still be home for dinner. I’ve lived in a couple more notable ski towns that don’t even have the easy access to a mountain like we do. 

For date night, there are so many places that support Common Roots that it’s always hard to choose where to go, but Melanie and I love making the rounds, visiting our friends, and grabbing a beer.

On the Past

Growing up I played hockey and it was always a treat to go to a Red Wings game with my family. I’m happy that hockey is still a part of our town culture today.

On the Future

Although I meant it before when I said Glens Falls really has it all, and Grey Ghost Bicycles has done an incredible job making sure our residents have access to bikes, it would be great to have a bike share program to get around town.

Glens Falls Living

Thanks, Christian! Cheers!

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