My Glens Falls: Jacqui Royael

This week, we were thrilled to chat with Jacqui Royael, who we had the pleasure of connecting with through our friends at the amazing Double H Ranch. Read on to find out how she got her start at Double H, where she heads for ice cream on a summer Sunday, and a fun type of café she’d like to see downtown.

Jacqui Royael

Tell us about yourself!

I’m Jacqui Royael, Director of Operations at the Double H Ranch. My husband Scott and I are grateful, and at times weary, parents to Maya, 10 Parker, 7 and baby Nora just turned 1. When I’m not at Double H, I enjoy traveling with my family and writing about them after they fall asleep.

On Life in Glens Falls

I grew up locally in Whitehall, (Go Railroaders!) but Double H has happily kept me connected to the area. Twenty years ago, I started as a nervous camp counselor unsure of where I wanted to be in the world. As a college kid, I could have never imagined the profound impact Double H would have had on my own life and our community. After teaching Special Education, I came back to the area to begin my professional career at Double H in 2005. Seeing the difference kindness and acceptance can have in the lives of others, keeps me here every day.

My husband and I moved from Saratoga Springs to Glens Falls when our daughter, Maya was 1. We loved how close Glens Falls was to all the things we love - the mountains, our jobs, the lakes, and our family. We are now cresting on ten years in the area and what keeps us in the community is everything it has to offer. How easy it is to walk to restaurants, school, coffee shops, but also the proximity to new playgrounds or a day hike.

We loved the character of the homes in Glens Falls. Our home is over 100 years old and despite the aging roof and small bathrooms, we love the history it has and how everyone can find their own quiet little space. My favorite is time spent sitting on the porch.

I love how my neighborhood has shaped our children’s young lives. From their incredible school, Kensington Road Elementary, just a couple blocks away, to all the friends they happily go outside and play with.

My commute to work heading north into the Adirondacks is perhaps the prettiest around too.

Some Glens Falls Favorites

My favorite part of living in Glens Falls is how easy it makes enjoying the best parts of life. I wish more people knew how many opportunities it affords families. We love the Wood Theatre, especially all the wonderfully talented Broadway Upstate shows.

But probably the biggest hidden gem, would be our families. Living close to family makes life better in all ways.

A Perfect Glens Falls Day

My perfect day in Glens Falls would be spent with my family on bikes checking out all our favorite spots. Starting with coffee and bagels at Spektor - the Avocado Fresh is so good. We would stop by the Farmer’s Market on a Saturday. After wandering around the Crandall Library, we would take our books to read at Spot and maybe stop into Rude Betty.

Sushi is a family favorite, so Mikado for lunch.

Ice cream is a must at some point - we love Rob & Deb’s or if it’s Sunday in summer, Sprinkles for the jazz concert.

With Grandma babysitting, it would be a quiet dinner at Raul’s. The salmon tacos are my favorite!

On The Future

I’d love to see a boardgame café! We love playing games of all kinds and often pack one when we go out to restaurants. Makes the wait time more enjoyable for everyone! On a vacation to Toronto, we found this great restaurant that offered walls and walls of different board games.

Or maybe a bookstore or Indian food.

Glens Falls Living NY

Thanks, Jacqui! A boardgame café would be so much fun!

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