My Glens Falls: Michael DuBray

This week we’re chatting with Michael DuBray! A popular local radio host and familiar voice to many, we’re sure you’ve also seen him at events downtown and all around the region. Find out a bit more about him including what brought him to Glens Falls, what he loves most about his career in radio, and the movie that he’s reminded of most when strolling downtown (so true!).

Michael DuBray

Tell us about yourself!

My name is Michael DuBray, I'm the midday host on Regional Radio's station 98.5 WCKM.  I am also an account representative and the guy at the studios that everyone calls when there is a computer or satellite issue, so when I'm not on the air I'm always occupied with station business of some sort.  I am also the owner of DeeJay DuBray. You may have seen me at a trivia night, a downtown Glens Falls event, fundraiser or wedding at one time or another. Outside of work, I have been involved with many organizations. I was Exalted Ruler of the Glens Falls Elks Lodge for 3 terms, I'm an ambassador for the Adirondack Regional Chamber of Commerce, I was a celebrity dancer for Adirondack Dancing with the Stars to benefit CWI, I have been the chairman of the Glens Falls Collaborative's Wingfest the past few years and I am currently embracing my new appointment as president of the Glens Falls Kiwanis Club.  

A few of the things I love about being a radio personality all come down to the same result: making a difference. I love watching a business grow due to a great commercial and schedule. Playing a certain song brings back memories and can really change someone's day. My favorite thing is helping people. Last week I learned about two cheerleaders from Queensbury that were trying to raise money for a very important trip. I was able to help by getting the info on the air for them. That's a pretty powerful ability.

On Life in Glens Falls

I grew up in Cropseyville, New York. My family is scattered from the Troy area to Glens Falls. When I was a young child, my parents drove me to WGY live broadcasts where Harry Downey and Don Weeks would almost always put me on the air. In middle school, I made friends with Lee Warner from WGFM. He would put me on the air very frequently and as you probably guessed, I had the dream of being a radio personality growing in my heart. I moved in with my father in the Saratoga area after graduation and enrolled at ACC for Radio and TV Broadcasting. Within a year, I was the overnight host on WWSC and shortly after became the Traffic and Office Manager with a midday shift. That's when I moved to Glens Falls.  

A Perfect Glens Falls Day

I love summer Saturdays in Glens Falls. My favorite thing to do is start out at the Farmer's Market, where we grab some fresh chocolate milk and some vegetables. We then cross the street and have breakfast at Peter's Diner. I've been going there for 25 years. After that, if there is an event in downtown Glens Falls we usually go to the event, many times because I'm part of the event.

A Glens Falls Favorite

My favorite thing about Glens Falls is the hometown feeling. Many times near the holidays, I'll be walking in the snow downtown, wearing my long jacket and carrying my briefcase. Ten to fifteen people will walk by and say, "Hi Mike, Happy Holidays!". It almost makes me feel like I'm George Bailey in "It's a Wonderful Life". That is why I love it here. There is no better hometown feeling than that.

On the Past

I have many fond memories from my early days of living here. Most of them are the friendships that started way back then and lasted my entire life until now. College friends that I still talk to, dear friends that are gone such as Bruce Matthews and Vince Desantis, plus the hundreds of friends that can't all be mentioned. Business wise, I miss E. Gillis, The Ground Round and I think we all will miss Sandy's.

On the Future

As downtown Glens Falls continues to grow, I would like to see more people get involved in the organizations and events. We have many great non-profits and service organizations in our area that need volunteers and fresh ideas. Although I love seeing the same dedicated familiar faces, others are missing out on the satisfaction of the difference they could make.

Glens Falls Living

Thanks, Michael!

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