My Glens Falls: Steph Rollo

This week, we’re chatting with Steph Rollo! As a registered nurse at Glens Falls Hospital for over 20 years, she’s seen quite the transformation in Glens Falls through that time! We were excited to find out what she loves about her job, how she hits reset after work, and the downtown shops she wishes would re-open.

Steph Rollo outside Glens Falls Hospital

Steph Rollo outside Glens Falls Hospital


Tell us about yourself!

My name is Steph Rollo and I have worked as a registered nurse at Glens Falls Hospital (GFH) for almost 21 years. I am a certified gastroenterology nurse (CGRN) and I am very active in our shared leadership structure at GFH. I love what I do. I go into work each day with a smile.

Being a nurse allows me to care for and interact with our community members. They are our neighbors, friends and families. I want to help take the best possible care of them. That can be in preventative medicine such as educating people about colon cancer prevention, for example. It can be helping to care for those who need treatment for existing health issues, actively participating in their procedures and recovery, as well as providing follow-up care.

Our mission statement at GFH is to improve the health of people in our region by providing access to exceptional, affordable, and patient-centered care every day and in every setting. As a nurse, I have had the pleasure of seeing firsthand the teamwork, pride, and genuine care that goes into what we do. I know the level of commitment that our nurses have for the care that we provide to our community and I am happy to be a part of that team.

It's pretty awesome when your work is also your passion. I’m very blessed to be able to do what I love.  

On Life in Glens Falls

I don’t live in Glens Falls, but I have lived in the area my whole life. I went to school in Lake George but Glens Falls is definitely my second home. More specifically, I guess the hospital is like my second home. Most of my family lives in the area as well.

I stay in this area because I genuinely love it and the sense of community that we have here. People go above and beyond to help each other. One of my close friends was new to the area and after running into several friends and people that I knew she asked me if there was anyone that I didn’t know. I don’t think that I have ever met a stranger and I can thank my parents for that. I love getting to know people and their “stories.” I’m fascinated by people. I love books and the stories within their pages, but nothing compares to real-life narrations and the richness of hearing people tell their stories. Thankfully, my profession provides me with countless opportunities to meet people.

I’ve seen such a positive transformation in Glens Falls over the last 15 years or so. There has been so much growth and new businesses seem to open up all of the time. Realtors and developers are recognizing the potential of Glens Falls.

I love the four seasons and the countless community activities that happen throughout the entire year here. The Wood Theater and The Park Theater are two great places to catch some live entertainment. Our area has been on the sports map for a long time with major teams considering our area as conducive to the development of their young players. Our family used to have season tickets to the Detroit Red Wings AHL affiliate, The Adirondack Red Wings. Many hockey players that were on their way up passed through our arena. As a result, many of the prominent athletes who spent time in our area, made it their home. When people come here, they stay here.

For me, this area will always read as home on my GPS.

While I do not own a home in Glens Falls, I have always admired and appreciated the vintage architecture, character and true hometown feeling that it has to offer. The buildings and homes each tell a story and add to the richness of our community. I love seeing people invest in older homes and renovate them to make them new again, while maintaining their character, heritage and history.

Glens Falls has a way of making you feel welcome and feel as if you are a part of things. I love that it is family-friendly and safe. I see our officers and rescue workers out and about daily making sure of it.

If you drive through town, you’ll see families spending time together, walkers and joggers, cyclists, and people with their dogs. We live in a very active area with plenty of fitness opportunities. We have area parks & recreation, The Adirondack Balloon Festival, concerts, Take a Bite, Taste of the North Country, the LARAC arts festival, the Glens Falls Symphony, vintage car shows, and so much more to enjoy. These are just some of the community events and activities that foster community connections. There is just always something to do.

Some Glens Falls Favorites

Glens Falls and our surrounding areas have such a uniquely strong sense of community. We rally around each other and support each other like no other place that I have seen. That’s my favorite thing about our area. When there is a time of need, people just lock arms and support each other. When we have local school activities and sporting events you will see family members, townspeople and local businesses all take part in the festivities.

Glens Falls is a town of traditions. One of my favorite annual events is the South High Marathon Dance. If you want to feel a palpable community pulse you cannot miss the way everyone pulls together to help local people, families and charities. Millions of dollars are raised by school kids, our community and the awesome businesses who contribute as well. That money stays in our community helping area people in need.

One hidden gem might be the Warren County Bikeway which offers over 18 miles of fun between Lake George and Glens Falls. It’s just another area activity that gets you outside and doesn’t cost you a penny to enjoy. That said though, I always tell people that mental health and physical health go hand in hand. So, go ahead and treat yourself to a little ice cream at one of shops while you’re at it.

A Perfect Glens Falls Day

My perfect day is usually one where I can hit the reset button, so to speak. I just like to take time to recharge and maybe do a little people watching while enjoying a hot tea or a latte.  My husband and I might take a wander through the Shirt Factory to check out local crafts, baked goods, food trucks and activities. Then, I would probably stop at a garden center (who am I kidding? …   probably a few) and grab-up some plants, trees and gardening supplies. I love spending time in my yard.

I always enjoy being home, sitting by a fire in my back yard, soaking up the sounds of nature. I like to watch my dogs play and spend time with family. My time is spent enjoying the natural attributes of the area. The beauty is that you don’t have to spend money to enjoy yourself here.

On the Past

Some of my favorite memories of Glens Falls center around the Adirondack Red Wings games and time with my family. Nights at the Civic Center brought people out no matter what the winter weather was.

As for favorite stores that I would like to see brought back, I really miss Downtown Charm and Muddy Boots Decor. They had some really cool vintage finds, chalk paint supplies and Pinterest classes with chocolate, wine and paint. I used to go there after work, with friends. The girls at the shops were always so much fun, too. If they announced that they were reopening, I could guarantee that I’d be right there to see it happen… and to get first dibs!

…And On the Future

I really think that our area is the package deal. The beauty of our region speaks for itself and there is so much to do. We have so many great restaurants, parks, bike paths, strong school systems, great local sports, and a fantastic library. I’m all for anything that promotes family time and strengthens our community.

I suppose if I could wave a magic wand the only thing that I’d ask for would be more time to enjoy what we already have.

Glens Falls Living

Thanks so much, Steph! We could go for more time to enjoy what this area has to offer, too.

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