My Glens Falls: Maura Forcier

We’re excited to introduce My Glens Falls, a weekly feature in which we’ll chat with neighbors who live or work in Glens Falls, learn a bit more about them, and hear their city favorites - past, present, and future. This week, we’re kicking things off with one of our go-to gals for fashion, Maura Forcier of MinkyMink! Read on to find out why she’s stayed local, a favorite store from her childhood (anyone else remember going there?!), and her favorite spot for date night.

Maura Forcier

Maura Forcier

Tell us about yourself!

My name is Maura Eilene Forcier and I own MinkyMink in Downtown Glens Falls. Before I owned my own business, I worked in healthcare marketing. When I'm not at the shop, you'll find me trail running with my dogs (Phoebe + Cody) or adventuring around the Adirondacks with my husband, Mike.

On Life in Glens Falls

I'm a Lake George native, so I grew up in the area. I went to college in Vermont and then lived in Saratoga as well. So, I've managed to stay local. I moved back to Glens Falls from Saratoga in 2015 when my husband and I bought a home. Glens Falls was so much more economical than other places that we looked at and our jobs are both in Glens Falls, so it was a no-brainer for us. You can get so much more bang for your buck when you buy a home in this city. 

My husband and I own a two family home very close to Downtown. It's a white brick house built in 1920 that we absolutely adore. We are slowly renovating it and making it our own. What I love about our neighborhood is that it's close to everything, so I can walk to MinkyMink in literally 5 minutes! Yet somehow, it's still so hard for me to be on time! 

Some Glens Falls Favorites

Where do I begin? I love our little city! I spend a lot of time in Cole's Woods where I run a few times a week. It's great for running, walking or mountain biking. In the winter, they light up the trails at night for cross country skiing, which is very cool. If you haven't been there, take advantage of it! 

MinkyMink, Downtown Glens Falls, NY

MinkyMink, Downtown Glens Falls, NY

A Perfect GF Day

I love this question! My perfect day in Glens Falls would have to start with some sort of exercise. Either running in Cole's Woods, a class at Yoga Kayla, Hot Yoga Queensbury or at the YMCA. After breaking a sweat, I would head over to Spektor with some girlfriends and order a cafe au lait and a "Fresh." After breakfast, I'd drive to Crandall Park with husband and let my dogs run around. If I'm at MinkyMink, I usually order a salad from Gourmet Cafe (they know my order by heart) and they will run it down to me if they aren't super busy. I also frequent the Juicin' Jar, where I get a beet juice or a smoothie. If I get some free time, I always like to check out Fountain Square Outfitters to see what new gear they have in store. Love their Darn Tough socks! If it's a treat myself kind of day, I would get a manicure at Nails by Bari. She always does an amazing job! For dinner, my husband and I frequent Raul's...their taro chips are my favorite. For drinks, we would stop by Mean Max for a beer and then head over to Downtown Social so I can get a prosecco. Voila, a perfect Glens Falls Day! 

On the Past

My cousin Mary Kate grew up in Glens Falls, so I would spend a lot of time at her house. We would always ride our bikes to "The Big Party," which used to be in the Quaker Plaza. We would get candy, games, and what ever else we could buy with the little money we had. I remember riding our bikes all around Glens Falls and visiting with family, friends and spending time outside. I'm feeling nostalgic already! 

…and On the Future

It would be so awesome if there was a dog park in Glens Falls. I take my pups to Crandall Park a lot, but it would be so fun if there was a designated space for dogs so they could run around and socialize with each other. 

A lot of my customers comment that there isn't enough parking downtown. If we could build a multi level parking garage, I know it would increase business in Glens Falls. 

The Glens Falls community has been so supportive of MinkyMink and I'm grateful that I am able to live, work and play in this city. I'm excited for all of the new businesses opening up and look forward to the continued growth of Glens Falls.

Glens Falls NY

Thanks, Maura!