My Glens Falls: Sidney Scacchetti & Steven Brodt

This week, we’re excited to get to know Sidney Scacchetti and Steven Brodt! We discovered their Instagram account recently, and it was great to finally meet the couple behind the photos. Scroll on to see their sweet pup Luna, read about their perfect summer Saturday, and hear about their (multiple) businesses!

Glens Falls NY - Glens Falls Living

Tell us about yourselves!

Our names are Sidney Scacchetti and Steven Brodt, we created and run the Instagram page, an account dedicated to showcasing historic homes, buildings and architecture in the area. Aside from that, we also own and operate a non-profit paranormal investigation organization, The South Glens Falls Paranormal Society. In addition, we also recently just launched our new marketing business, Be Social Marketing. When we have a free moment to ourselves, you'll find us sitting on the porch of our 109 year old home lounging with our rescue pup, Luna (@pit_luna_bull).

On Life in Glens Falls

We both grew up just over the bridge in South Glens Falls. After moving away, we didn't think we would permanently return to the area, but that wasn’t the case. We soon found ourselves back in NY State, but this time a little further south. We rented in the historic district of Schenectady while finishing school. Upon graduation, we bought our first home right in Glens Falls! Our house was built in 1910, complete with all original wood work and old charm. We were/are excited to restore our home to its original beauty all while making it ours! We enjoy living within walking distance to downtown, making it easy to frequent all of the near by restaurants. 

Some Glens Falls Favorites

We enjoy all of the festivals and activities that Glens Falls has to offer - there is always something going on. In the warmer months we like to take Luna to Rob & Debs Frozen Dreams for a doggie dish, peruse the booths at LARAC and stop into Juicin' Jar (who are dog friendly) for a delicious gluten free snack. Being located just 15 minutes south of Lake George allows us to take a short drive for a hike or a stroll along the shores. 

Glens Falls has plenty to do in the long cold winter months as well. We enjoy stopping into Spektor Coffee for breakfast and a couple caramel bulletproof lattes! Our favorite winter activity has to be supporting the local ECHL team, the Adirondack Thunder. The Thunder games are always a great way to spend a night with friends. Having the Cool Insuring Arena right on the edge of downtown brings big crowds and helps support many of the local businesses with pre and post game drinks and food.

A Perfect Glens Falls Day

A perfect day in GF would be hitting up the Farmers’ Market on a Saturday morning, followed by a reality class in downtown with our PAWS family (North Country Paws for Obedience). For lunch, sitting outside (so Luna can join) at our favorite restaurant, Gourmet Café, where they have an extensive gluten free menu, and the staff knows our order before we even sit down. Next, a trip to Spot Coffee for their amazing lavender lemonade! We also like to head over to Crandall Park for a round of tug and a game of frisbee with Luna. Sometimes, while I’m busy taking pictures of old homes, Sidney sneaks away for some shopping and pampering at Beauty Bubble. For dinner we would head over to Siam Thai and grab some fresh sushi and a drink! Being able to walk to all of our favorite spots gives me plenty of chances to take pictures of all the historic homes in Glens Falls.


The city of Glens Falls has lost a number of historic buildings over the years due to large fires and modernization. However, we are glad to see that the mind set of the area has changed from tearing down and rebuilding to restoring and revitalizing these historic structures. The homes surrounding the downtown area are historic which lends itself to the Glens Falls of the past. Being able to live in a home that has seen Glens Falls evolve for the last century helps give the city its cozy, charming vibe.  


We are excited to announce the launch of our new business, Be Social Marketing, a marketing agency focused on small business and bringing the community together. The start of this new journey is very exciting for us and we are very eager to help the business in the area prosper!

We look forward to the opening of the year round indoor farmers market, the new parking garage that will accompany it, and all of the new business that will be popping up. We can't wait to see the historic buildings of Glens Falls get a second chance with all of the ongoing restorations in downtown.

Glens Falls NY - Glens Falls Living

Thanks Steven and Sidney! We’ll have to have you back again to chat more about the Paranormal Society - Tom is SO intrigued!

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